What is EPIC?

  • EPIC! is a Washington County Schools initiative designed to bring all educational stakeholders (faculty, staff, students, families, and community members) together as one. The goal is to lead to mutual respect and understanding and for children to develop a moral courage to withstand the pressure of intimidation and threat of force.

    At JES, we want our students to be on a hero’s journey and to withstand the struggle beyond the ordinary. We want them to be in charge of their destiny for the rest of their lives. While on their hero’s journey we plan to encourage them, protect them, and by investing in this framework, we will connect with them!

    We want EPIC! to be an empowering program. To build a foundation for children that will endure into their adult life which will prepare them for a world that no matter how we try to civilize it, will always have the argument of force.

  • EPIC