• The following sites are online instrument retailers we have used to purchase instruments. If you are considering purchasing an instrument, now is a great time. As we know, the economy is not in the best shape. Many music stores are struggling with some going out of business. Although the cost of instruments are rising, many of these stores are offering great deals at this time to reduce their inventory. Check these sites to see their price and research the instrument you are looking for. Beforebuying online, I highly recommend visiting our local music stores to see what kind of deal they will make. Also, if you buy local, you can expect quick and reliable service on what you buy. If you have any questions concerning the purchase of an instrument, please feel free to send me an email, garstj@wcde.org . If necessary, we can set up a time to meet and discuss your needs and concerns of purchasing a new instrument.

    1800usaband.com   This is also their phone number.
    wwbw.com   This is the Woodwind and Brasswind
    prowinds.com   This is a site I found last year that we check frequently for quality instruments a good prices.