FBS Vision

  • The vision of Fall Branch School is to create a supportive learning environment that encourages students to achieve their personal best.

FBS Mission

  • The mission of Fall Branch School is challenge, equip, and empower all students to reach their fullest academic and social potential in a safe learning environment.

FBS Beliefs

  • At Fall Branch School, we believe:

    • With diverse learning styles and differentiated instruction, all students have the ability to learn, achieve, and succeed. 
    • Consistent rules and discipline, positive values and social skills are necessary for all individuals. 
    • Regular attendance is essential for children to remain actively engaged in the learning process. 
    • A safe and physically comfortable environment, which is stimulating and inviting, promotes children's learning. 
    • Student success is measured by ongoing informal and formal assessment tools created to guide instruction and to optimize student learning. 
    • The educational process is a collaborative responsibility of the student, family, community, and teachers. 
    • Teachers, families, and the community utilize a decision-making process, which allows opportunities to work together to advance the school's mission and the education of each child.

FBS Motto

  • The motto for Fall Branch School is "Foundations Build Success".