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  • How can I open Word/PowerPoint/Excel files that have been made in a newer version than I have?

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    By installing the Compatibility Pack along-side of Office 2003 you will be able to open, edit, save, and create files using the formats that are used by Office 2010 and the 2007 Office system. Here's how to install:

    Click here to download the Compatibility Pack


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  • Why can't I login to the Mail Server?

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    Login Change:

    3 line login:

    2 line login:
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  • My printer is printing garbage. What do I do?

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    Unplug the power from your printer.
    You should see a printer Icon in the lower right corner, double click that Icon.
    You will see multiple print jobs in your print box.
    Select the top job, hold your shift key and select the bottom job.
    Right click and select cancel.
    It may take a while for the top job to delete, this is the job that caused your problem.
    When all jobs have cleared, close the screen and turn your printer back on.
    It may print what is left in its memory.
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  • My display has fliped upside down. How can I filp it back?

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    Hold down CTRL ALT and press the up arrow.
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  • How do I get rid of the message that says my mailbox is full?

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    Open your Mailbox
    In the upper right corner, you will find a View menu, be sure Messages has been selected.

    Save Files
    If you have files you need to keep, save them to your hard drive. Double click on the message, right click on the file and click Save As to save to your CPU.

    Delete Mail
    In your Inbox, to delete a page at a time, click once on the top email, hold the shift key and click once on the email at the bottom of the screen. This will highlight the page. Click the X and wait, this may take a few minutes, do this until there are no files then click the trash can. Do the same thing with Drafts and Sent Items under Folders in the Menu on the left.

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  • My Home Page has changed in Internet Explorer. How do I change it back?

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    At the top of Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options.
    In the Address box, type www.wcde.org.
    Click Apply then OK.
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  • I can't login to PowerTeacher Gradebook.

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    If PowerTeacher Gradebook will not open it's possible you need to update your version of Java. Java is free. Go to www.java.com and click the big red download button on the screen and follow the instructions. When asked, choose Run...Run...Install.

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    If a computer inside our network still has a problem running PowerTeacher Gradebook, try these settings one at a time until it works:


      1.  Start > Settings > Control Panel > Java > General > Network Settings > Direct Connection


      2.  Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN settings > check "Bypass proxy server for local addresses"


    3.  Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > General > Tabs > Settings > set "Open links from other programs in" to A new window > Security > Trusted Sites > Sites > In the "Add this website to the zone" box, put in > OK > Privacy > Pop-up Blocker Settings > enter   > Add > Close >OK 


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