Title 1A

  • The Title I program in Washington County is a federally-funded program which provides supplemental resources for students in schools serving a large population of low-income families. The educational model for eligible schools is the schoolwide program.

    Three basic elements must be included in a "schoolwide" model. First, an ongoing study is conducted to identify the school's strengths and challenges in key areas that affect student achievement. Based on that study, a comprehensive schoolwide plan establishing goals to effectively use Title I resources to improve student achievement is put in place. The third element of the program is annual evaluations of the implemented strategies to insure that goals and objectives are accomplished.

    Each "schoolwide" program has a committee made up of administrators, teachers, parents, and community members to assure that Title I goals are addressed and the effective use of federal funds is insured in the school program. The Title I program is under the direction of the Title I supervisor who is responsible for program compliance based on federal government requirements. A coordinator is provided to assist with system-wide program operation. The basic objective of the Title I funded personnel is to provide intensive corrective instruction, to supplement the regular school program with research based educational strategies, and to encourage a positive self-image in an effort to help students achieve their academic potential.