• The work of the parent organizations is a vital component of public education. Washington County’s parent involvement program continues to make progress in growth and commitment to children, families, and schools.

    The Parents Assisting School Success is an organizational component at the school level that is designed to allow parents to be more actively involved in the education of Washington County students. By volunteering, parents and other involved individuals provide a much needed support system for the students, the teachers, and the entire school community. Volunteers can help by not only providing teachers more instructional time in the classroom, but also allowing the instructional assistants time to be in the classroom helping more with individual students.

    Parent Organizations have an active and relevant role in the schools of Washington County. District-wide participation in the Parent Teacher Associations and Parent Teacher Organizations has been in effect for many years and parent involvement continues to grow. These county organizations have a positive working relationship with the Director of Schools and the School Board. Open communication fosters this relationship. Parent organizations work cooperatively with teachers to improve school effectiveness at the building level. The community is supportive of the parent organizations fund-raising activities to further the organizations in leadership training and resources, as well as to extend the school program. Money raised is used to purchase materials for instructional programs, to install and maintain playground equipment, to purchase and maintain copying machines, to provide incentives for students, and to purchase computers and computer software. The parent groups in Washington County raise thousands of dollars each year to enrich the school program. Each school has their own PTA/PTO program. See the school websites for more information.