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Steps to translate this document to another language

  • ally tool logoThis is the symbol for a tool that gives us the ability to translate PDF documents, all over the website, to another language. It will ALSO convert PDFs to electronic braille or an audio file. This tool helps our website be more accessible to everyone in our district and community and especially those with special communication needs. 
    Here's how it works.
    This is a screenshot from school lunch menu page. 
    bottom of menu
    • To open the PDF normally, click "download the document."


    • To translate the PDF to spanish (or other languages), click the blue icon. image.png


    • You will get this screen.



    • Choose Translated Version...Español (or other language)...Download.


    • You can now read or print the PDF in your language of choice. 


    Be patient. The larger the PDF file, the longer the translation takes to convert.