• Parent Communication-We will primarily use dojo, email, and the school phone number to communicate.  Dojo is used for newsletters, important reminders, messages, and pictures.  If you ever have any parent concerns or questions, feel free to email us or give us a call.  We are also happy to meet throughout the school year as well.  We just ask that you arrange an appointment.  A daily folder will also be used and sent home every day to show behavior, send home papers and notes.  Please send the folder every day.  Any money that you send needs to be in an envelope or baggie with your child's name on it and what the money is for.

    Homework- Students in Kindergarten are asked to practice reading 20 minutes every night.  This is a critical part of your child's reading development.  Practice letter sounds, formation (upper and lower case),  and letter recognition.  Students will need to practice their phone number with area code, complete address with zip code, month, day, and year of birthday, writing their first and last name(with capital letters only for first letter), as well as the  ability to state guardians first and last names.  These are things that students will need to practice at home and will be tested for on the report card.  Please also spend some time working on your child learning to tie their shoes.

    Grades- Students in Kindergarten receive a paper report card.  The report card is sent home at the end of each 9 weeks and needs to be signed and returned.  Students will be tested throughout the 9 weeks on skills/standards that they have worked on in class.  Daily work will be checked and sent home in the daily folder.

    Attendance-It is important to strive for great attendance.  Children that are absent will miss important information and experiences.  We do understand that illness and family responsibilities occur.  Please notify the office if your child is going to be absent.  You will also need to send a doctor or parent note within 5 days to the school.  Makeup work must be completed and returned.

    Birthdays and Parties-Birthdays are an exciting time in kindergarten.  Treats are welcome to celebrate during snack time.  We do ask if you plan to send a birthday treat that you notify us at least 1 day in advance and that it is store bought and packaged.  We will have parties at Christmas and Valentines Day during the last 20 minutes of the day. 

    Snack-Students will need to bring a small snack daily with water to drink please.  If you choose to send a water bottle to school please make sure the student's name is on it.  Please do not send sugary/colored drinks for snack.  These are sticky and hard to clean up when spills happen.

    Bathroom-We take multiple bathroom breaks during the day.  Students are allowed to use the restroom anytime that they need to.  Accidents do sometimes occur so we ask that you send a complete change of clothes in a labeled bag to keep here at school.  Students need to be completely potty trained and able to button/snap and put on and off their own clothing.  In the event of an accident, we will notify you and your child may change into a clean set of clothes themselves.