• Do the Shape Up Workout with Jack and play the Shape Name Game. The shape game could get turned into a competition to see if your child can name them faster than Jack (or yourself... no shame in joining in the game!).


    Listen to Skippy Jon Jones Shape Up. Pause the story every now and then to point out different shapes, or to try and guess what Skippy will do next. 

    *After listening to the story, ask...

    -What is the character's name? 

    -What did Skippy Jon Jones do in this story? 

    -Is this story real or fake? 

    -Do you do any of the things Skippy did? 


    Become an Illustrator

    Practice tracing and drawing some shapes. Then, use these shapes to build a self-portrait. You can draw your self-portrait or cut out shapes for your child to glue together to build a person. 

    Once your child has finished their work, ask them what they like to do for exercise, or what they like to do to stay healthy. Write down their answer so they can see that written words = meaning. 


    Story Vocabulary

    There may be some words in this story your child hasn't heard before. Talk about and show them what these words mean:

    • running
    • salsas
    • teetering
    • orbits
    • reaches
    • rocks
    • tugs
    • pumps
    • balances
    • stops
    • follows
    • check out

    Extension Activity

    Take side walk chalk and draw shapes on the drive way. Ask your child to run to each shape as you call it out. Or, draw the shape in one color, and have them color in or trace the shape with a different color. Make sure you tell them what each shape is as they color and trace. 

    Work Out

    Practice counting by doing dumbbell reps- using canned goods or water bottles as the dumbbells.