• Do the Animal Alphabet Move 'n Groove and the Alphabet Workout


    Listen to the story Alphabet Under Construction, Read by our very own Mrs. Sarah! 


    After listening to the story, ask the questions... 

    *Is this story real or fake? 

    *What is the story about? 

    *What's your favorite part of the story? 

    *Do you know what letter your name starts with? 


    Letter Swat

    Choose one to three letters (I'd reccomend ones in your child's name) to focus on. Write them on pieces of paper around the house and have your child swat them with a fly swatter when they can name the letter correctly. You can also do this as a hide and seek game where your child searches for them all.. maybe bust out some old Easter eggs you may still have lingering around? 

    Play Dough Fun

    Click on the link for some inspiration on how to use playdough to teach letters. The play dough mats on this webpage are free downloads.