• Listen to The Kissing Hand


    Ask your child the questions:

    *Is this story real, or fake?

    *How did Chester feel in the beggining of the story? 

    *How did you feel on your first day of school? Help list emotions like excited, scared, sad, or happy. 


    Writing Activity 

    Help your child practice drawing a self portait. Draw different examples of faces, explaining smiley faces show happiness and frowny faces mean someone is upset. Ask them to draw a picture of how they felt on their first day of school.  Label their picture with the emotion they gave you and make sure that emotion matches the face they drew. If not, explain again what different faces on self portaits mean. 


    Your child may need help drawing the body of their self portait. I like to help students start their self portait by using shapes. For example, a rectangle or triangle body, plain circle head, and straight lines for legs and arms. At this age, many kiddos will still draw "potato people" (big circles with arms sticking straight out) and that is totally fine!