• Listen to the story - When I Was Little


    Pull out any baby and toddler pictures you have of your child and let them look through them. As you show them, describe things you remember about the day the picture was taken. Share stories about what he/she did or liked then.  


    If you have them, share baby pictures of any relatives with your child. They may be able to guess who is who in each baby picture. You can even share similar traits with your child that you have seen with them and a relative. (: 

    Math Activity 

    Discuss how we change as we grow. We get taller, stronger, are able to talk more, etc. Measure your child and compare them to other people living in the house hold. Try and use words like "tall, taller, tallest" and "Short, shorter, shortest". See if your child can line up people (or stuffed animals, dolls, lego men, etc) by shortest to tallest. 


    Here's a video to help with size comparison:



    Extension Activity

    Keep a simple journal of pictures of you and your family members. It can be paper or a digital picture album. As you take pictures and record memories, be intentional about using words like "yesterday, today, and tomorrow". For example, "We took this picture yesterday. Today we will take a picture of us eating outside. Tomorrow we will take a picture of us at the park."