• Don't be afraid to use playdough! It can be messy but our rule in the classroom is that it has to stay in one spot, and students can't walk around with it. Use this rule in your home, in order to avoid messes. 

    Here are some recipe ideas for homemade playdough. Making it homemade can be cheaper in the long run. 

    One of my favorite activities with playdough is to use it to teach name recognition. You can get a toothpick to "write" your child's name, letter staps, or write your child's name on a card and have them roll the playdough out into letters. Here is a website with some Name Ideas

    There is also a lot of value in just letting your child play freely with the playdough. Dig through your junk drawers or kitchen cabinets for some things they could use to play. Squeezing, rolling, shaping and flattening playdough out are all miracle workers for those fine motor skills which can later help in sports and hand writing!