• From Head to Toe

    Listen to the song Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

    Listen and move along to the story Head to Toe read by our very own Mrs. Sarah! 


    After dancing and listening to the story, ask your child...

    *What was your favorite animal in the story? 

    *What things they think they do well. Can they run fast? Swing on the swing set by themselves? Maybe they enjoy their dance moves or artwork! 


    Where is it? 

    Ask your child to point to different body parts as you call them out. Some suggestions are head, tummy, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, neck, backbone, toes, wrists, ankles... slowly make them harder as you go along! (: 

    Animal Workout

    • Hop up and down like a bunny 8 times. 
    • Run like a horse until someone counts to 10.
    • Crawl like a turtle 6 laps around the living room.
    • Flap your arms like a bird 15 times. 
    • Reach up like a monkey and pick 12 bananas.  

    Play Charades

    Play animal charades that goes along with the book or the animal workout! 


    Extension Activity 

    Encourage your child to draw and illustrate like Eric Carle. Have them draw a picture of what they do well, and help them label it with "I am____, and I can____. Can you?" Let them watch you write what they tell you so that they understand that written words have meaning.