Word Walls

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    A Word Wall is a large area of a wall in your classroom clearly visible to students from their seats on which important words are posted as reference for writing and reading.

    Cunningham, 1995; Wagstaff, 1994

    Goals of Word Walls:

    1.   Support the teaching of important general principles about words.

    2.   Foster reading and writing.

    3.   Provide reference support for children during their reading and writing.

    4.   Promote independence on the part of children as they read and write.

    5.   Develop a growing core of words that become part of a reading and writing vocabulary.


    Points to Remember:

    • All students should be able to see and use the word wall from their desks.
    • When choosing words, select Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 words.
    • If students are not interacting and involved with the word wall, it becomes simply a decoration.
    • Students will only learn from the word wall if it is meaningful to them.
    • Student interest will be sparked when new games and activities are introduced.
    • Make the games and activities fun, playful, and interactive.




    *Click on the Word Wall attatchments below for activites and games: