• Fourth Grade Behavior Contract

      Classroom Rules:

      • Listen carefully.
      • Follow directions quickly.
      • Work quietly.
      • Respect others.
      • Respect school and personal property.
      • Work and play safely. 

      Step 1: A nonverbal warning/minor incident (= 0 points given)

      Step 2: Verbal warning or redirection (= 3 points)

      Step 3: Verbal redirection - 2nd occurrence - seat changed (= 3 more points)

      Step 4: Parent contacted AND Loss of privilege or detention (= 3 more points)

      Step 5: Office Referral AND Parent Contacted (= 6 more points)

      *Major Incidents: Immediate Office Referral AND Parent contacted (= 15 points)


      If the student receives 15 points or more during a nine week period, they will not be able to participate in the behavior celebration OR field trip for that nine weeks.

      If the student receives 30 points or more during the entire school year, the student will not be able to attend the End-of-Year Field Trip. 


      Conduct Grade

      E = 6 or less points for the nine weeks

      S = 7-14 points for the nine weeks

      N = 15 or more points for the nine weeks