My Payments Plus Procedure

  • Step1: Obtain your child’s local student Identification number from the school office.

    Step 2: Visit and click “register now”

    Step 3: Select your state and then find your school district in the drop down menu.  

                - Select State: Tennessee  

                - Select School District: Washington County Food Service  

    Step 4: Enter your first and last name along with your email address. Create a password  that is at least seven characters and includes at least one number. Double- Check to confirm your information  is accurate before continuing to the next step.  

                - Create Account  

                - Click register to agree to the privacy policy and terms of use.  

    Step 5: Select the option that represents you best: parent/guardian. Click next after  making the appropriate selection.  

    Step 6: Your account has been created.  

    Step 7: Add student/students to your new account. Under Washington County Food Service.  Enter your child’s local student Identification number. And the students last name then click done.  Congratulations you are now registered!

    Step 8: Once you have registered you will log into your account.

    Step 9: Look for a tap that is labeled events and activities and click on it. This tab should open the School Age Child Care weekly or daily payment tab option.  

    Step 10: Once you have determined weekly/daily and number of children click the tab that  best describes your childcare needs.

    Step 11: Now go to your cart and check out. The payment process has been completed.