• Hey guys! All work will be assigned and submitted through Google Classroom. Your student's WCDE email address and password lets them in to Google Classroom. There are separate Google Classrooms for Math, English, Science, Social Studies, and RTI. Each Google classroom has a separate code. The codes will be emailed to your student, but I have them posted here as well as my main homepage. The following codes are for 6th-8th Grade Social Studies Class.


    Mrs. Clark (6-8th Grade Social Studies)


    • Homeroom: c63oh2e
    • 6th Grade - 1st Period: ndmid3w
    • 8th Grade - 3rd Period: muwqw5c
    • 7th Grade - 4th Period: opso73w
    • 7th Grade - 5th Period: cmlldfa
    • 7th Grade RTI: 7mqv6q2
    • 6th Grade - 7th Period: aodciyy
    • 8th Grade - 8th Period: xid2jqa