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     How to Login:

    1.) Set up account from emailed invite link (This will be sent to the students email account)

    2.) Go to https://classroom.google.com/  & click on "go to classroom"

    3.) Enter student email & click "next"

    4.) Enter student password & click "next"

     * Once your student is all signed up then they should have classes from all of the 5th grade teachers.


    In addition to computers, in the App Store there is a Google Classroom App. If this is the route your students would like to take to keep track of their work it is also an option. However, with the amount of typing your student might have to complete I would be wary of stricktly only phone usage.


    xbox In addition, you may be able to use your gaming system to learn! Students may access google classrooms through XBox1:

    1. Go to App 
    2. Click on “Microsoft Edge”
    3. Click in the plus (+) buttons to open a new tab
    4. Click on the new tab. Type in “google classroom” into the google search bar. 
    5. Click on google classroom sign in
    6. Click on go to classroom 
    7. Sign in to google with your log in info
    8. Your google classroom will pop up