• Listed here is an explanation of "Note Home" means from the PE Rules tab. When a student breaks a rule during PE they recieve 3 strikes ( 1- Warning, 2- Refocus, 3- Time Out and Note Home). "Note Home" refers to "The On the Bench in PE" form. 


    This form gives the parent a chance to see what has happened during class that their student recieved a timeout. The student fills out the form and Coach Clawson will discuss the form with the student after completion. The form is then sent home and returned with a parent signature. Understand my philosophy as a teacher is  to get our students to become life long movers! Its hard to do that if you are filling out paperwork in class because of improper PE shoes. (IF the shoes are not a safety hazard I will often let the student participate after filling out the form, this cannot be abused though, if it reoccurs Coach Clawson will call home to help solve the problem together) 

    - Coach Clawson


    *below is an example of what an On the Bench in PE Form might look like*

On the Bench in PE