Reader's Workshop

  • During Reader's Workshop, your child will be doing the following:

    • Listening to/and reading books
    • Discussing parts of books outloud with the class or with partners
    • Reviewing the alphabet letters
    • Reviewing alphabet sounds
    • Phonics: syllables, rhyming words, beginning sounds, etc...
    • Learning social skills while working in pairs or teams
    • Working on our listening skills

Writer's Workshop

  • During Writer's Workshop your child will be doing the following:

    • Reviewing how to write the alphabet letters
    • Learning how to hold a pencil correctly
    • Learning where to start writing on a piece of paper
    • Practicing writing letters and words with correct spelling
    • Understanding the difference between upper case and lower case letters
    • Learning how to write a sentence: upper case, a noun, verb, and ending mark
    • Eventually learning how to write a small story
    • Labeling pictures and diagrams

Literacy Stations

  • Literacy Stations are where we put what we're learning into practice. 

    Your child will be put into small groups and each group will do different activites each day. Those activities will switch all year long. 

    Stations might include:

    • stamping words
    • painting words
    • practicing handwriting
    • working with our classroom assistant
    • working with Mrs. Davis
    • listening to a book online
    • writing time
    • reading books from my library
    • reading books from the school library
    • partner work or reading time

Benchmark Online Reading Series

  • Your child can log into our Benchmark reading program through a website called Clever. They log in using their google login information. If he/she is on their own chromebook, they won't even have to type in the login information. I will also have other fun apps on this website as well as we get further into school and learn how to use our Chromebooks. 

    We will use this website every single day for our ELA time. Once we get going, weekly tests will also be found on this website. (click the picture to look at Clever)