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    Just incase you forgot... YOU MATTER and YOU are IMPORTANT!  Do not let this closure limit your possibilites, creativity, or steal your joy! We miss you and you are loved! 

chrome music lab - kadinsky

  • Chrome Music Lab - Kadinsky (Drawings with sound)

    When you are ready you can click HERE to start! 

    Mr. Davenport ... why does this have a weird name?
    The artist Wassily Kandinsky compared painting to making music. In this experiment you can draw shapes, lines and scribbles on the screen and hear them turn into sound.  

    How Does it Work?
    When you draw different shapes they each make different sounds on the page!  When you start today, try drawing three different triangles each at a different location.

    Here are some other useful facts to know for today:

    • Click on a drawing to hear it play back
    • Press the play button to hear your entire painting
    • Vertical placement changes the pitch of a note or timbre of the sound.  Try drawing 3 triangles in a column to hear three different percussive sounds
    • Use the coloured circle to the left of the play button to change the sounds

    Then, Try these steps...

    1. Draw a picture on a piece of paper using 3 or 4 shapes or lines. Then copy your picture in the Kandinsky experiment and press play to hear the drawing.  Does your picture sound the way you expected? What do you like about the sound of your picture? Anything you would change?


    2. Draw a picture on the screen and play it back with the different sound/colour options – which one do you like the best? Why?


    3. Draw a circle on the screen – what happens? Can you draw two more circles that make higher or lower sounds than your first circle?


    4. Draw a triangle in the middle of the screen.  What sound does it make? Can you recognize the instrument? What happens when you draw another triangle above the first one?  Does it sound the same or different? Do you recognize the instrument? Try a third triangle low down on the screen.


    5. Create a masterpiece of your own that Ms. Thomas to make Ms. Thomas proud! Take a picture and send it to us! We would love to see your creation! 

    Mr. Davenport:  davenportb@wcde.org

    Ms. Thomas: thomasa2@wcde.org



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