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  • Chrome Music Lab - Rhythm! 

    rhythm cml

    Chrome Music Lab: Rhythm Instructions

    When you first visit the page, you will see the first of four different options.  Press Play and then click on the grid at the bottom to create a rhythm.  The arrow shown next to the on-screen players allows you to move to a different meter (and different set of instruments)

    When you compose these rhythms, answer the following questions.....

    • What are the 3 instruments that are playing? 

    • Each vertical line on the grid shows you where the beat is.  How many beats are there in this pattern?

    • Identify which instruments are playing the low, middle and high sounds (in order from lowest to highest: low timpani, high timpani and triangle)


    After you have created your rhythms virtually, make them into body percussion! 
    - For your lowest sounds, STOMP

    - For your middle sounds, PAT YOUR LEGS

    - For your highest sounds, CLAP

    When you are ready.. HAVE FUN! 
    Click here to go Chrome Music Lab - Rhythm!



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