• Hello everyone!

    Just letting you know that I have gathered each Special Area teacher page in one place for you, and made it quick and easy to get to them.  What a fun and exciting way to continue with your special area classes from home.


    Library - Mrs. Yarber

    You can go here and see/hear Mrs. Yarber read aloud on her very own YouTube page!  Its as if you are sitting in the Library with her again.  Just click on this link to find Mrs. Yarber's Library page: https://www.wcde.org/Domain/1080


    Art - Mrs. Pate

    I know you all LOVE "Art, Art Magical Art!", as Mrs. Pate says!  Mrs. Pate has made sure and given you all a new art/craft assignment on her class page.  Check it out to see what new art she has for you.  Go ahead and click on this link to find Mrs. Pate's Art page: https://www.wcde.org/Domain/1070


    Music - Mrs. Rhyne

    Mrs. Rhyne has added some really fun new Folk Songs for you to listen to and learn.  Also, she has been learning to play a new instrument!  Can you guess what that intrument is??  Click on this link to see what new instrument Mrs. Rhyne is learning to play for you when you come back to school: https://www.wcde.org/Domain/123


    P.E. - Coach Fox and Coach Q

    Have you been exercising and getting alot of energy out at home? We sure do hope so! :)  Your coaches had a FUN Field Day planned for outside for a whole day!  BUT..never fear!!  We are still going to have "Field Day", just in a very different way. Coach Fox and Coach Q have put together an At Home Field Day for you called "DEAM-Drop Everything And Move". Also, you can find some fun Family Games for the whole clan as well as how to create your own Sensory Path right there at home, just like the one we have in the hallways at school that ALL the kids LOVE!  Just ask your kiddo about the hallway floors!  Click on this link to go to the P.E. web page and check out all the activities to keep you MOVIN!:  https://www.wcde.org/Domain/1089