Learning at Home

Ideas to Try at Home

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    Starfall (Perfect for small kids)

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    Mystery Doug (Science Videos that the students loved to watch in class. You will need to sign up, but it is free!)



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    Other Easy Ideas to Try and "Play" at Home...

    I am totally amazed at how fast our world has changed since the last time I saw your precious kids. I want to try and give you some ways you can engage your kids at home with everyday things you may have around your house. I hope these will give you ways to “PLAY” with your kids and engage them in learning at the same time.

    Ways to take ordinary games you might have and make them educational:

    • Candy-land  write the color word names on the colors to practice reading as you play or more challenging way would be to make new cards with color words written in black (or one colorso they actually have to read the words.
    • Chutes and Ladders – Have students name the numbers they land oncount up to those numberscount on to larger number from the number they land onwrite the number that would come before or after the number they land onand for really hard challenge you could make ten sticks and one cubes from paper and let them make the number in tens and ones.
    • Hi Ho Cherry Have students show you different ways to make the number they land on(can be made with and 1and 3or and 0They can easily show you this with their fingersStudents could also write an equation for the number they landed on(5You could also use the cherries to make up addition and subtraction storiesThen write equations for the stories you tell(“have cherriesdropped the bucket and fell outHow many are left?')
    • Memory – Select cards and write sentence about each pictureUse capitalsspacingand punctuationFor silly fun game choose or 3 cards and make silly story using all pictures.
    • Scrabble – Use letter tiles to build various words
    • CVC (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant) cat, dog, pig, bed, tub
    • Blend / Bossy H words with Short Vowels
    • Sight words
    • Number words
    • Color Words
    • Shape words
    • Name First, Middle, and Last

    Money (From purse or piggy bank)

    • Sort coins into piles by typenameand value
    • Make graph of the coins you have by sorting in rows from bottom to top or side to side
    •  Use nickels to practice counting by 5'sdimes to count by 10'Make cards that say 1, 5, 10, 25 cents and match to coins

    Playing Cards – These can be used in many ways.

    • Go Fish to identify numbers
    • PUt numbesr in order
    • Write numbers they draw from pile to practice write numbers correctly
    • Write number word for card they draw
    • Draw a card and count on/write 3 numbers after that card  
    • Use the Face Cards as a ten and draw a number card to make teen numbers write the number they made or teen number words if they know all number words 1-10
    • Draw a card and figure out how many more you would need to make 10
    • Draw a card and write all the ways to make that number and their equations
    • If you don't mind writing on the cards take one black and one red suit and put a one in front of each number to make teen number cards. You could even draw more diamonds and hearts to make sure the objects on the cards match the number or just use to recognize numerals

    Dominos /Dice

    • Draw a domino or roll dice and count the dots and write the number
    • For a larger number use more dice or dominos Draw a domino and add the two side together and write equation Roll two dice, add and write equation Draw a domino or roll dice and write the number word
    • Draw a domino or roll dice and figure out how many more to 10
    • Sort dominos or dice into various ways to make a number
    • Draw a domino or roll two dice and tell which number is more/less,
    • fewer/greater, least/most (We learn all these vocabulary words when comparing numbers)

    Shaving Cream

    • Turn bath time into learning timeput shaving cream on the wall of bathtub make nice size space by rubbing on wall of tubUse fingers to write lettersnumberssight wordsCVC wordsblend words with short vowelsbossy word with short vowelsOnce the write rub to erase and repeat.

     Play dough

    • Form words by making snake like shapes
    • Name letter
    • Name sound
    • Name an object and let them make letter for firstmiddle and/or last sound in word
    • Name an object that begins with blend or Bossy (thchshwh)
    • Use toothpick or pencilpenPopsicle stick to write in play dough (lettersnumberswordssight wordsetcGive students number and have them create that many play dough pieces or make ten sticks and one piece. Make two groups of balls and compare which is more/less, etc
    • Create fun play dough piece and write sentence about it(Make sure it has capitalspacesand punctuation at the end.Say sentence and have them make punctuation out of play dough that would go at the end (periodquestion markexclamation point/Exciting Mark)

    Outside Learning

    • Use side walk chalk or paint brush in plain water to write on concrete or even on dirtCan write numbersletterssight wordsCVC wordsblend words with short vowelsBossy words with short vowelsCollect rocks or sticks and use as counters to make numberstens and onesor equations for adding or subtracting to 10.
    • have rocks and find moreHow many do have in all?
    • have sticks and drop sticksHow many do have left?” Could write equation
    • Sidewalk Chalk to draw picture and tell story about pictureCould then write story on paperUse capitalsspacingand punctuation at the end of sentence.

    Sight Word Practice:

    • Look for sight words that are in books you already have.
    •  Put words around the house and go on hunt to read them.
    •  Put words in plastic Easter Eggand hunt for eggs then read the words.
    •  Spread words out on the floor and slap with fly swatter as they read.
    •  Make two sets of words on cards and play memory or go fish.
    • Place cards on the floor and drive car form one word to another park and read.
    • Write words with crayonsmarkerspaintplay doughetc.
    • Place cards on the floor turn down the lights and shine flashlight on the words to read them.
    • Use scrabble tiles to make sight words
    • Use magnetic letters on the refrigerator to make words