A Note from Mr .D ♬


    Hi Everyone! 

    I hope you had a wonderful Easter! Although it was nasty outside, I spent my time at church and Mrs. Davenport and I made a wonderful Easter dinner! Over these past few days I have continually had one word coming back to my mind, and that is THANKFUL.   

    • I am THANKFUL for YOU.

    • I am THANKFUL for music.

    • I am THANKFUL to be your teacher.

    • I am THANKFUL for your stories and adventures.

    • I am THANKFUL we are still connected. 

    • I am THANKFUL for the learning we share together.

      So, during this week, finish the following statement:     I am THANKFUL for________________

    I miss you all and I hope we can be together again soon! Making music just isn't the same without you! If you need anything or have any questions, do not hesitate to email or call!

    Love you all! Go Eagles!          

    Mr. Davenport

    Mr. D sign

Music Activities Week 4: 4/13 - 4/17

  • Chome Music Lab - Song Maker! 

    This week we are going to focus on composing! The term compose means to write or create, and this week you are going to create your very own song! 


    How do I use it?

    Create a song by clicking notes into the grid.  The top section of the grid can be used for high notes, and the lower section of the grid for low notes.  There are two rows of dots at the bottom for creating a rhythmic pattern (like drums and cymbals- percussion instruments). 

    Check out my composition: Mr. Davenport's Composition


    Some extras after you compose!

    • Change the playback sound and tempo with the options at the bottom of the screen
    • Click on Settings to change the scale, length of the song, range of notes, time signature and more
    • You can use the mic to record notes into Songmaker
    • You can save or share a link to your song

      Step 1: Open Chrome Music Lab (Song Maker) by clicking here

      Step 2: Explore the options you have and play around! Create a masterpiece.. go high or low, change the tempo, the instruments, your choice! YOU are the composer!  I would LOVE to see and hear your creations - so send me a link to your composition! davenportb@wcde.org

      Step 3: Use the task cards I have provided below to create more amazing masterpieces! 


    For additional tips or help, check out this video tutorial
    Song Maker Tutorial



    Task Card Bingo: Can you spell EAGLES?


    Song Maker Task Cards



Rhythm Review! Clap Along!

Music Books of the Week

intune magazine- April