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    alouds to my Owlets during this trying time.

    Owlets, after you listen/watch the read aloud, complete a reflection assignment. The following coordinating lists of reflection ideas are just ideas. Please feel free to create or write your own. You may choose one to complete an assignment for each story. (Graphic Organizer, Four-Square foldable, Create a Summary page, Create a picture with a summary caption, etc.) Always include the date, Title/Author, and your name on the back. We will share the responses during our scheduled (digital) daily class times. Please send me a picture of your reflection on DOJO so I can post it on our Class Story. I will also post some here in your assigned boxes below. I miss you - Winstead's WISE Owlets!

    Maddie's Read Aloud


    Create a Sequencing Reflection/Activity Response


    An option for your assigned Graphic Organizer/Reflection Assignment. (You can create your own! You do not have to use this one.)

    If You Give a Mouse a Brownie Story Sequence Activity | Sequencing ...



    Drew's Response




    Noisy Night 

    Christina's Read Aloud


    Choose only ONE!

    An OPTION: Make a four square foldable. Remember to write the Title/Author in the diamond. Label each box with First, Next, Then and Last. Write a text evidence detailed sentence for each one.

    An OPTION: In a Four -square foldable, choose two of the following questions and respond using PQA . (Part of the Question as the Answer.) each box. That will leave two boxes to create pictures to illustrate your responses/sentences.

    Q1-Which noisy neighbor did you like the best and why?

    Q2-What connection did you make? (It reminded me of....  It made me think of a time when.....)

    Q3-Which one was the funniest or most surprising? 

     There are so many things that make noise at night. Draw a picture of something noisy you hear at night! 

    An OPTION: Create a noisy apartment building picture or suncatcher and label appartment windows with the noise they make. 

    Cassie's Response



    Courtney's Read Aloud

    Possible Options-  (Choose ONLY ONE!)

    *Create a Character, Setting, Problem and Solution FOUR square foldable with title/author in the diamond. 

    *Answer the questions using PQA and write a complete sentence for each. What did the pig give his mom? How did he get the items for it?

    *Make a birthday card for a family member or friend. 

    Vivian's Response 

    Prince's Response



    It's Not Easy Being a Bunny (Beginner Books(R))

     Judit's Read Aloud 

    OPTIONS: (Choose only ONE!)
    –  In this book the bunny goes from animal to animal trying to be someone he is not.  Sequence the events in order in a foldable or make cards for each event and place them in order to retell the story.

    Do a writing prompt – If you did not want to be a kid, what would you want to be and why? 

    Harper's Response 

    Prince's Response




      Lauren's Read Aloud 



      Choose ONLY ONE!

    After listening and watching the read aloud take a piece of paper and fold it into a Four-square foldable. Write the title/author of the book and your name in the diamond. In the 1st square/box write a complete sentence and tell how you felt yesterday. In the 2nd square/box write and tell how you feel today. In the 3rd square/box tell how you may feel tomorrow. In the last box draw a picture of your happiest or silliest day and why it was your happiest/silliest day. Write two complete sentences.  

     Vivian's Response

    Please Try to Remember the First of Octember! (Beginner Books) 

    Laura's Read Aloud


    You can create a 4-Square Foldable


    Choose ONLY ONE question and respond with PQA!

    Write the title/author at the top of your page.

    Choose a question to answer using PQA. Write your response on a paper and draw a picture to go along with it. Use second grade or third grade words to show your best writing skills.

    1. Was there ever something you really wanted? Why did you want it?
    2. What would you ask for on Octember the first? Why?
    3. Does knowing for sure that you're going to get something change anything?
    4. Do you think it's better to wait for something? Why or why not?
    5. Would you want anything on the boy's list? Why?
    6. Do you think the boy will be happy when the first of Octember comes?
    7. How would you feel if you could get what you wanted all of the time? Would that change how you feel about the things you got?






     Matt's Read Aloud 


    4-Square Response


    A compound word adventure!

    Compound words are common words in the English language that consist of two or more words that combine to form a single new word.  

    Possible reflection ideas:   (Choose ONLY ONE!)

     * Create a Four square foldable and write the title/author in the diamond. Write a compound word from the story in boxes 1, 2, and 3. Under each word break apart the compound word and draw a picture for each word that makes up the compound word. For example, goldfish would be:

      gold                                        fish

     gold                                      fish

    In the 4th box, choose one word and write a complete and comprehensive sentence with 6 or more words.


    My grandmother bought me a goldfish for my 8th birthday.

    *Silly Compounds For a fun compound word activity have the child think up new and possibly silly compounds. Also have the child describe what their new words mean. For example, cat + shower → catshower (a shower for cats) and monkey + pants → monkeypants (pants for monkeys or pants with a monkey pattern). This activity helps reinforce the idea that compound words are new words that are made up of two other words. 

    *Clapping Activity Speak the first word of a compound word aloud. Instruct the child to say the word and clap. Then speak the second word of the compound aloud. Have the child repeat this word and clap. Then tell the child to say both words together and to clap for each word. For example: apple (clap) + sauce (clap) → apple (clap) sauce (clap). The clapping activity teaches children that compounds consist of multiple words.

    *SPELLING CIty Compound word practice*

    More Compound Words

    airport                goldfish            bathtub

     campfire              football               forgive

    rainbow               spaceship           cowboy

       highway                 birthday               blackboard

    footprint              watermelon           homework

        weekend                meatball               strawberry

         inside                   bedroom                 ladybug

            myself                hallway                  backpack

    grandmother          outdoor              popcorn

             toolbox            classroom             playground


    OTHER Books for Teaching Compound Words

     If You Were a Compound Word By Trisha Shasken and Sara Gray

    Flying Butter (Rookie Reader) By Patricia Trattles and Gary Swift

    Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs By Judi and Ron Brett 

     What Do You Do With an Idea?  — New York Times best seller 

    Alison's Read Aloud




    Possible reflection ideas:   (Choose ONLY ONE!)


    Create a Four Square foldable with the title/author in the diamond. 

    *Present an idea in box 1, Discuss/describe the idea in box 2, Tell why you chose the idea in box 3, and Explain how this idea will help you and others in box 4. (1-2 sentences in each box.

    *You can draw a picture of your idea, label it and explain it.

     *Cause / Effect example:  (Can create a Four square foldable and write out 4-cause and effect examples. INCLUDE the example below in box 1.)

    CAUSE--Walked away & acted like it didnt belong

    EFFECT--The idea still followed him

     In 4th box create your own cause and effect and draw a picture to illustrate.

    Other Possible Options:

    What do you do with an Idea? Drawing & Writing Activity | TpT



    Dolly Parton's Imagination Library

    *Dolly Parton Read Aloud link*



    Owlet STRONG

    through online learning google meetings 

     Learning Day learning day

    learning day            learnng day


    Winstead's Wise Owlets Published

    Projects/Activities 2020.

    I love you my OWLETS! 

    I am so proud of you and wanted to share some projects/activities that you have done.


    Drew's Read Aloud

    Mrs. Winstead's Response


    Layla's Read Aloud

    Mrs. Winstead's Response


    Devin's Read Aloud

    Mrs. Winstead's Response


    Book - First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg

    Cassie's Read Aloud

    Mrs. Winstead's Response


    Annalise's Read Aloud

    Mrs. Winstead's Response


    Harper's Read Aloud Part 1

    Harper's Read Aloud Part 2

    Mrs. Winstead's Response


    Vivian's Read Aloud

    Vivian's question

    Mrs. Winstead's Response


    Skyler's Read Aloud

    Mrs. Winstead's Response


    Adreyan's Read Aloud

    Mrs. Winstead's Response


    Britt's Read Aloud

    Mrs. Winstead's Response


    Prince's Read Aloud

    Mrs. Winstead's Response


    Esther's Read Aloud

    Mrs. Winstead's Response


    Nevaeh's Read Aloud

    Mrs. Winstead's Response


    Kullen's Read Aloud

    Mrs. Winstead's Response


                                 Hello Smokey! 

    Ryan's Read Aloud #1               Ryan's Read Aloud #2

    Ryan's Question #1                 Ryan's Question #2

    Mrs. Winstead's Response to Question #1 

    Mrs. Winstead's Response to Question #2


     Aiden's Read Aloud

    Mrs. Winstead's Response


    Book - Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes by Eric Litwin

    Kayson's Read Aloud 

    Kayson's question 

    Mrs. Winstead's Response 


    Dakota's Read Aloud 

    Mrs. Winstead's Response

    Individual Student Projects and completed Assignments

    Prince Skyler Skyler

    Cooper   Cooper