• Starbooks Book Tasting 2019


    Mrs. Bacon´s ELA students participated in a ¨Sip and See¨ at the Starbooks Coffee House!  As they entered, they found their seats at a table pre-set with a placemat, menu, and a book.  Students enjoyed coffee house refreshments (including frappe cupcakes!) and hot chocolate while previewing 4 different books about WWII by the fire.  While previewing, they filled out their menu with thoughts about the cover, summary, and first few pages of each book.  They also rated their interest level for each book.  Before each transition to a new table and book, students watched a video trailer for one of the books.  Upon completion, they filled out a Starbooks Order Form ranking their interest in the four books.  These forms will be used to place students in their Literature Circles Book Clubs.  What a fun day!