Virtual Resources and Learning Activities



    MATH: #MathArtChallenge -Here are links to all of the #MathArtChallenge…challenges.

    KidZone Math-offers free printable practice worksheets. 

    SCIENCE:  Mystery Science- offers free lessons broken down by grade level on fun topics

    oLogy-is a science website for kids from the American Museum of Natural History. It includes games, stories, videos, activities to do at home and more.

    ELA:  Kahoot-play fun language arts learning games

    Social Studies: Ben's Guide to the US Government-has fun digital learning adventures

    Music & Art:  Chrome Music Lab-lets users explore musical concepts and sounds

    Classics for Kids-offers videos, games, quizzes and activities about classical music composers. 

    Teaching Ideas-has fact cards about famous arts, online books with activities and printables. 

    PE & Movement:  Beach Body-has released free kids’ workouts, including Shaunt T’s Fit Kid Club.

    Breathe & Learn-is offering free online yoga classes. These classes incorporate breathing exercises, movement, story, journaling, and song.

    Chromebook Scavenger Hunt -Scavenger hunt for Chromebook - this may be beneficial for parents (and some students) who are not familiar with them. 

Resources to Consider

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Websites and Resources

Websites and Resources

  • Benchmark Universe - Instant Distance Learning Resources and Experiences:  These materials have been developed specifically with distance learning in mind

    Open Book
    FREE eBook Libraries
    Curated Collections for Families and Caregivers

    English, Spanish, and Dual Language libraries featuring hundreds of captivating, content-rich titles! Includes an At-Home Family Guide for engagement ideas.

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    Benchmark Distance Learning Literacy Block
    Benchmark Distance Learning Literacy Block
    Live Sessions with Literacy Experts
    Join us for daily Facebook Live Sessions with literacy experts Patty McGee, Adria Klein, Travis Crowder, and others. Join us for read-alouds, writing, word study, and more. Great for educators as well as families at home!

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    Storytime: The Orange Horse with Wiley Blevins
    Trade Book Story Time with Wiley Blevins
    Read-Aloud Time Celebrating the Joy of Reading
    The benefits of read-alouds are enormous! Literacy expert Wiley Blevins takes children on a literary journey through animated reads featuring stories of underrepresented voices. Enjoy with families or as part of your virtual learning instruction.
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    Remote Learning
    Virtual Teaching and Learning Tips
    Ideas and How-To's for Using Benchmark Universe

    Learn about all of the tools that are already included in Benchmark Universe to support virtual learning environments!

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    2. Artisan Teacher Tips for Online Learning. This 5 part series will take a look at which of the 23 Artisan Teacher Themes provide particular utility in online settings. We’ve attached a link to Part 1: Locale Memory.
    3.  No Red Ink - More Premium Content is now Free Assign Passage Quizzes to assess skills in context
     6.  Home Learning with TN History for Kids: