• Learn At Home Checklist


    Use this checklist above as a guide for daily activities, or as a go-to when you run out of things to do!  Enjoy!!

  • Brain Breaks  


    Use these ideas to release some energy and get some wiggles out!!  





  • 03/23/2020 --- I have just created an Epic! Reading account for my class!  This website is GREAT for kids to be able to look through and "read" books.  It is also a great resource that reads books to kiddos!  My boys have loved it at home, and I know your kids will love it too!

    Simply click on the link below, enter the class code, then click on your child's name, and ENJOY!!


    Class Code: mdk8060



    For additional resources and activities 

    USERNAME: fieldsprek1

    PASSWORD: Fields104

    Enter website and click "go to family space" for resources and activities

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