School Closure Assignments

  • Grandview Students and Families-

    On this page you will find music activites and materials to complete while we are away from school. I have broken these activites up by the appropriate grade levels, but you can explore all of the activities on this page. Practice your music skills, sing a song, clap a rhythm.. you could even make up your own dance to a song! Find SOMETHING to keep that musical brain alive! We will keep going right where we left off soon as we come back together with a normal schedule. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we charter these new waters together. I know these days are full of uncertainty and our schedules are often changing, but know I miss you all and think about you daily. Let me know what musical things you are up to over these next few weeks! 

    If you have any questions or if I can support you or help you in ANYWAY during this closure, please email me at    Stay Healthy and Be Blessed! 

    Mr. Davenport ♫

Grades 4-8


    Check out this link for the monthly InTune Music Magazine! One click brings In Tune’s stories about today’s music world, theory and technique, instruments and equipment, music creation and technology, higher music education, and music from all genres to young music students and your community. Be sure to check out the tutorial so you know how to navigate the magazine!



    We have worked off of this website in class! Each game you choose reinforces one of your musical skills!



    So..we are stuck inside? No worries! Here you can explore the concert hall and take a first hand look at this venue and orchestra! It also comes with some great music as you travel. Move your mouse around and enjoy!


Grades K-3

  • SFS Kids: San Franciso Symphony Orchestra

    Listen, Play, Perform, and Compose your own music! SFS Kids is full of many great musical resources, stories, and opportunities!



    Are you bored? Build your own instrument! This page gives you all the instructions and directions you would need to make your very own musical instrument from home! If you make one, I DEFINITELY want to hear about it!!



Music Read Alouds and Interactive Music Show