• Here is where you will find all information on assignments

    over the next 3 weeks during the extended school closure.  I will

    be uploading the day's assignment each day with instructions,

    pictures, and videos and leaving them open until April 3rd.  If

    you go to Ms. Johnson during

    Extended Learning please check her page too.   Related arts

    teachers are posting resources and activities as well. 

    Please send me pictures and/or videos of your child's

    completed work so I can see how it is going.  

    Ms. Gregg and I will be adding all videos to her Youtube and

    mine, which you can find here: 



    Here is the link to PBS lessons.  There are lessons taught

    by teachers in TN with printable packets to go along with

    the series they are making. 

     https://www.tn.gov/education/pbsteaching. Here is the

    youtube channel with their videos


  • What I suggest you do DAILY:

    1. Read for at least 20 minutes and LOG in R.E.D Folder

          -I sent home a few extra books

          -Read boks you have in your home (if your child reads them independently send me an email with the title and author so I can log it as one of their 25 books)

          -Check out GetEPIC, ReadWorks, NewsELA, or other websites that offer online books

    2. Complete Phonics Assignment (15-20 minutes)

    3. Complete Reading Activites and Tasks (20-30)

    4. Complete Writing Task (20-30 minutes)

    5. Complete Math Lesson (30-45 minutes)

    6. iReady app/website (20 minutes Math AND 20 minutes Reading)

    7. SmartyAnts app/website (20 minutes)


    8. Extended Learning:

    -If in Ms. Gregg's Extended Learning group, please work on your comprehension packet - maybe one story every 1-2 days. 

    -If in Blackburn, Shapiro, or Johnson's Extended Learning groups, please check out their classroom page for daily assignments.

    -If in my Extended Learning group, please choose a chapter book and work on reading through one chapter per day and creating/answering 5 questions for each chapter - or write a summary of that chapter. 


    *Also available will be:

    -sight words (No Excuse Words in "Documents") for your child to practice

    -a "just for fun" read aloud video

    -tons of great online activities 


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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments


Phonics/Word Study Schedule:

  • May 11 - May 22

     Phonics - We are officially done with 1st grade spelling words and sight words.  For the last 2 weeks I want you to focus on the 1st grade sight words and “no excuse” words.  These are lists provided by Washington County.  The sight words are words all students should be able to read easily before 2nd grade.  The no excuse words are words students should be able to spell before 2nd grade.  You received paper copies of both of these lists.  Pick a few each day to work on, don’t get overwhelmed, start small!  


Reading Schedule:

  • Reading - Our Life Science unit is over.  We are now preparing for 2nd grade by using graphic organizers (POW, TIDE, and OREO) in our reading and writing.  We will use each one for about 3 days to get comfortable with it. 

  • Please continue reading with your child 20 minutes every day!  All reading lessons will be posted here for each day.    

Writing Schedule:

  • Writing - I want you to keep a journal of how the last 2 weeks of 1st grade are going.  Try to write at least 3 times a week about what is going on in your life. 

Math Schedule:

  • Math - 2nd Grade Materials - Grade 2 lessons 5 - 9 or TN tasks - Each day you can choose between doing the next 2nd grade lesson or a state task (1 page each), the tasks are difficult as they sum up skills learned throughout the year, but they can do them.  I have uploaded all instructions for all 5 tasks on the documents page.  

Free Math Websites

Free Reading Websites