• The ACT test is something you were being prepared for, long before you realized it was happening. Here's why, It's a big deal!! 

    There're are many reasons why your  ACT test and the score you recieve are important. The first reason is because it's a graduation requirement in the state of Tennessee. You must at least take the ACT test in order to graduate from high school. The score you recieve on the test has no effect on your graduation.

    The second reason is, if you plan on going to a 4 year college then a good ACT score is your ticket to free money. Yes, I said free money. The higher your score the more money you can get, which means, more money for college housing, food, books, technology equiptment, school supplies, etc.

    The third reason is, you just never know where life is going to take you. You may not be considering college right now and that's fine. But it's still important to do your best because one day, possibly years down the road, you may decide to go back to college and need the same good score for the reasons mentioned above. Never say Never.

    So, this page has plenty of resources to help you navigate your way through the test. I've included practice test with answers as well as test taking tips. 

Important Files

Extra Practice

ACT Study Guide and Tips

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