• Thank you for a wonderful start to the school year! We are very excited that the shift in our school hours has improved the efficiency of our bus dismissal tremendously. All buses are now leaving the school by approximately 3:50 each day!

    We encourage families to utilize our buses for a quick and efficient mode of transportation to and from school. If your child is a car rider, we ask that you follow our dismissal procedures to keep all of our students and staff safe and make our carline as efficient as possible.

    All car riders should be picked up in the carline. Please do not come inside to pick up your child unless it is for an early dismissal (before 3:30). Display your car tag in your car so that it is easily visible for all staff members working carline. Always pay attention, do not use cell phones, and pull forward as far as possible while in carline.

    Do not encourage your child to load into your car until a staff member has notified him/her it is safe to load. Children should load cars on the right side of the car. Staff members cannot buckle students' seat belts or buckle students into car seats. If your child cannot buckle him/herself, please pull forward, park, and assist your child.

    We appreciate your support in making our dismissal safe and efficient.