The Lifetime Wellness Curriculum for Daniel Boone High School has been developed to meet the objectives of the Wellness and Physical Education framework approved by the Tennessee State Board of Education. The curriculum offers two semesters allowing each student to earn two (2) Wellness/Physical Education credits. This curriculum meets the state guidelines (framework for Wellness and the six standards outlined for Physical Education).. Two credits of JROTC may be substituted for Lifetime Wellness one additional credit in JROTC may be substituted for Wellness II/Physical Education. Students are not permitted to enroll in JROTC and a Wellness course during the same semester.

    Lifetime Wellness

    Grade Level:9         Credit:1

    Prerequisite:   None

    All freshmen are expected to enroll in this course unless they are taking 2 credits of JROTC. The following units provide instruction in personal fitness development, sport skills, and classroom activities:

    1.     Personal Fitness/Related Skills
    2.      Nutrition
    3.      Mental Health
    4.     Safety & First Aid

    PE II/ Driver’s Education

    Grade Level:9         Credit:1

    Prerequisite:   Lifetime Wellness or 2 ROTC credits; and student must have reached his/her fifteenth birthday prior to the start of the course

    All sophomores who meet the prerequisites are expected to enroll in this course.  The curriculum for this course is divided into the following units involving physical fitness, sports activities, and classroom activities:

    1.     Family Life/Sexuality
    2.      Disease Prevention and Control
    3.      Substance Use/Abuse
    4.     Driver Safety/Outdoor Education