• 1-2-3 Fluency Rubric

    Number  1 - We have just begun.

    Number 2  - We have more to do.

    Number 3   - Where we want to be!


    Tips for using the Fluency rubric: 

    Offer students sample, kind phrases, using wording from rubric.  

    For example: 

     “ You were a 3 for accuracy, because you read most words correctly.”

    “ You were a 2 for accuracy,  because you missed several words.”

    “You were a 1 for accuracy, because you missed many words.”


    Five for Fluency

    (Practice makes permanent!)

    1. Teacher/adult reads the text out loud.
    2. Choral read-all read out loud together, like a choir.
    3. Partner reading-students take turns reading the same page or paragraph to each other, then offer feedback using the rubric.
    4. When the passage or book is finished, students read the entire text to themselves, silently or at a whisper.
    5. Each student takes turns reading out loud to the  group.  


    Tips: Teacher/adult can offer support by modeling fluency in the first reading, listening to partners, giving guidance during feedback, and reading words that are too difficult.   

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