• Kindergarten is a very exciting year!  We learn not only academically but socially as well.  It is our vision to create a caring, comfortable, and respectful learning environment for all children.  We will work together to make our learning environment and friendships amazing!  Once goals are established, modeled, and revised if necessary, students will be expected to follow the goals.  Students that do not follow the goals be asked to "take a break" and reflect on their choices.  If your child is asked to take a break 2 times in a day, they will recieve a sad face in their folder and you will be notified by email or dojo.  We use a color system as a visual for students in the classroom (green is a smile face for the day and goals were followed), yellow is a straight face for the day and a break had to be taken, red is a sad face for the day and more than 1 break had to be taken).  More severe behavior issues will be addressed by administration and you will be contacted by the principal.



    Goal #1

    Raise our hand or give a gesture that we need something

    Goal #2

    Listen to all of our teachers and friends when they are speaking

    Goal #3

    Use kind words and behaviors

    Goal #4

    Treat all materials with respect