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Seth's Story
  • Seth was adopted from the Washington County Animal Shelter in October 2016. Seth was given his name by the animal shelter and we chose not to change it.

    Though we do not know where Seth came from or how he ended up at the shelter, we know that Seth had 2 brothers and 1 sister. His sister, Diana, had already been adopted by another family when we met Seth. He was only a few weeks old at the time and had only been at the shelter for 3 days.

    My daughter, Danika, picked him out because of his affectionate demeanor. I have to admit, he was instantly my favorite too. Now, nearly 2 years old, Seth weighs around 20 lbs. He has a belly that sways, but he also has a great deal.of muscle. He is one of the strongest cats I have ever encountered.

    He has such a "cool cat" personality that reminds me of "The Fonz". He has become my cat because of the unique bond we have developed. He greets me when I come home and loves for me to pick him up. He nuzzles my face and buries himself in my hair. Many times he will perch himself on my shoulder and nestle in my hair. I'll bend over and he'll make himslef comfortable on my back snuggled in my hair. Most nights.he sleeps next to me on my pillow. The nights he doesn't you can find him in bed with Danika. Even though I love all my feline family, Seth is by far my favorite. 

Isaac's Story
  • Isaac was adopted from the Washington County Animal Shelter in October 2016. Isaac was given his name by the animal shelter and we chose not to change it.

    Though we do not know where Issac came from or how he ended up at the shelter, we know that Isaac had 2 brothers and 1 sister. His sister, Diana, had already been adopted by another family when we met Isaac. He was only a few weeks old at the time and had only been at the shelter for 3 days.

    My husband is not nearly as much of a cat person as I am. Though he does love all animals. I wanted to adopt at least 2 cats so that neither would get lonely. It took me a very long time to talk him into this, but I finally did. Because I had promised Brad that I would only come home with 2 cats, Danika had already chosen Seth, and Emilia had already chosen Chase, we had to leave Isaac behind. It was heartbreaking. I called and texted him while filling out all of the adoption paperwork but I could not get ahold of him to see if he would be okay with bringing home a third kitten. So, that was it. It was time to go. We left with Chase and Seth. Isaac was left behind, the only sibling left, alone in a cage at the Washington County Animal Shelter. 

    We got home and I told him the whole story. He told me to call the animal shelter and get them to hold the last brother until I could get there the next day! I was excited and shocked! Unfortunatey, the animal shelter had already closedd for the day. So, the next day we were back at the shelter as soon as the were open to the public praying that Isaac was still there. Sure enough, he was! I completed the necessary paperwork and took him directly home.

    When the brothers were reunited it was seriously like something you would have seen on a Hallmark movie. Chase and Seth were so happy to see their brother. Isaac clearly shared those feelings and they greeted eachother and began cleaning eachother. It was so precious to watch and made my heart know that we had made the right decision keeping all three brothers together.

    Today, Isaac is about 19 pounds and does not share the same muscle qualities that Seth does. Isaac is a FAT cat. He'll sit up like a man sometimes and his belly rolls so big it just flops down and he'll clean it. It is a very comical sight. Isaac lacks in the intelligence deparatment also. I'll throw a treat at him and he'll just look at me and look around as if he is wondering "what just happened?". He is so clumsy. He has knocked several snowglobes off of Emilia's dresser and broken her heart many times. He knocks things off of the counter, the dressers, the refrigerator, everywhere! I thought cats were supposed to be graceful!! Isaac does have one hilarious quality though. He plays fetch! I'm not kidding! He will bring you a wadded up pipecleaner (yep, that's his favorite toy) and drop it next to you or on you. When you throw it, he tears after it like  dog. He quickly retrieves it and brings it right back to you ready to chase it again. More recently, my daughter, Emilia, has brought home an actual rabbit's foot keychain. He is obsessed with this thing. I have to hide it from him because he likes to play very noisily with it at 3am. He may lack some of the finer qualities his brothers have, but the definitely makes up for it in the comedy department! Since the name Isaac means "laughter" his name suits him perfectly.  

Chase's Story
in loving memory
  • Chase was adopted from the Washington County Animal Shelter in October 2016. Chase's name given to him by the animal shelter was Charles. I have an uncle named Charles. It is not a bad name. For some reason, I just simply could not wrap my head around calling a cat "Charles". There was something very wrong with it. So, because I kept the integrity of the other cat's names, I wanted to keep Chase's name as close to his original given name as I could. My kids and I played around with many names that contained letters from "Charles". I don't remember exactly who it was that originally suggested Chase, but the name Chase it what stuck. Now, I can't imagine him with any other name. Charles, but Chase for short. 

    Though we do not know where Chase came from or how he ended up at the shelter, we know that Chase had 2 brothers and 1 sister. His sister, Diana, had already been adopted by another family when we met Chase. He was only a few weeks old at the time and had only been at the shelter for 3 days.

    My daughter, Emilia, picked him out because he doesn't have a tail. Well, he does, but it's a bob-tail. I tried to talk her out of getting Chase and getting Isaac instead because I knew we could only take home two kittens and I thought Chase was ugly. But, Emilia was dead set on the cat without a tail. She thought it was just the neatest, most unitque thing that she had ever seen. So, we took Chase and left Isaac behind.

    When the kittens were four months old it was time to have them neutered and declawed. Yes, I know the declawing is controversial and I can't say I was excited about doing it. But, to me, it was a necessary evil for a strictly indoor cat. It's very sad, and I even cried when I did it, but I care for my babies with the best care and they will never have the need to defend themselves, so I felt the sacrafice was justifiable to save thousands and thousands of dollars in damage that those lethal claws would do to my house. Anyway, Chase had it extra bad because he also had an umbilical hernia. So, ontop if the two surgeries his brothers were undergoing, he also had to have a hernia repair! He's so fiesty that he healed just as fast or faster than his brothers though. 

    Now, two years later, Chase is about 11 pounds. He is a very lean cat and slightly smaller in frame than his brothers. I guess maybe he was the runt of the litter? Chase is extremely agile and can manuver around the house like a skilled wild cat. The distance he can jump is impressive. He is so graceful with every move he makes. I'm not sure why Isaac did not inherit any of these qualities?! Chase is a hog for attention and will cradle your hand with his paws so that you scratch him behind the ear and under the chin. In the middle of the night, when I am sleeping, and he wants attention he will bite me (quite forceabley I might add) on the legs until I either hide my legs under covers or nudge him off of the bed. He really is a sweet cat. If you every need some cheering up or lovin', Chase is the go to cat for that! 

    We moved into a new house in August 2018. On  August 25, 2018, after being in our new house only a few short days, it was late and we were headed to bed. My husband saw Chase laying under a bench struggling to breathe. I immediately picked up his nearly limp body and noticed his tongue was blue. He was literally suffacating. We rushed him to the Animal Hospital where they treated him for an allergic reaction, fluid in his lungs, heart failure, and asthma. He didn't respond to anything. x-rays were taken and they were inconclusive. It showed an enlarged heart, distressed lungs, but no cause for either. It was nearly 2am and we were asked to leave him with no diagnosis. Mid-day on Monday, we received a call from the doctor on duty and his diagnosis was electrcution. Chase had developed paralysis in his front limbs and started vomitting up what they described as "cooked food". They said the only thing that would cause food to basically cook in the stomach would be electricution and it would explain the rest of his symptoms. 

    I visited him Monday evening at the hospital. He remained in the oxygen tank because he was still having serious difficulty breathing. The doctor had warned that a visit could cause him distress and for us to be aware of that. I just wanted to look at him. So, I walked next to the oxygen tank he was being kept in, careful not to come within eyesight of him. I don't know if he picked up my scent or heard my voice, but he began meowing and searching for me. I knew that he knew I was there. I had no choice but open the oxygen tank and pet his head. He was so fragile, his meow was weak, he still had no movement in his legs and could only barely lift his head. I pet his head and let him rest his head in my hand for awhile. It broke my heart to leave him there. The doctor said there was no treatment for electrocution and he would have to let his body recover on its own. We would know if he was going to pull through in a day or two. 

    After midnight that night I received the half-expected dreaded call from the doctor. He said that Chase had begun "crying" as if he was in serious distress or suffering. They pulled him out to examine him and try to help him. When they pulled him out, he stopped breathing completely. They did CPR and tried to revive him but we lost our sweet Chase that night. It was a little after midnight, so it had just turned August 27, 2018.... his 3rd birthday. Chase brightened this world for 3 short years and we are grieving his loss. 

    The next day, my husband brought home his body. He had been frozen to slow decompisition. My sweet Emilia went outside and watched her daddy and brother dig a hole in our new yard. She never left him the whole time but cried, petting his cold, frozed body, asking "Why did God let this happen?" I wish I knew why he left us after 3 short years. The only comfort I could offer is that Chase was not suffering. She stayed with Chase until it was time to place his body in the ground. We gathered as a family, broken, and placed him in the hole. Colin and Brad pushed the dirt on him and we solemnly walked inside. We have placed a tombstone at the gravesite in our yard. His brothers are still searching for him and it is truly heart-wrenching. I am devestated that we have lost Chase, but so thankful that I was blessed to know such a wonderful cat for the three short years that I did. 

samantha's story
  • In September, 2016 my husband exclaimed from the other end of the house, "Erika! There's cat sleeping on our back porch!". I came and looked. She was beautiful! I said that she was too pretty to be a stray. I went back to what I was doing. A week or so later we noticed that she sleeping on the back porch again. Convinced she was not homeless, but having the big heart that I do anyway, I set a small dish of food out for her. She ran off, but I left the food. A couple days later I retrieved the dish but did not see her. I saw her again early October and I set another dish of food out for her. Again, she ran, but I left the food. We left for vacation right after that and I honestly didn't give a thought to her because I was still convinced that she was not a stray. 

    When we returned, it was now mid-October and I saw her on the porch again. Becoming concerned, I decided that I needed to become acquainted with this cat and find out what was going on. I would take out food and wait for her to come, but she was very afraid. She kept a healthy distance between us and disappeared at any attempt I made to make contact with her. It took me nealry two weeks before she would even allow me to touch her. When I did, I was horrified! Her fur was brittle and falling out in clumps. This could be because of the large, bumpy rash her entire body was covered in. As she allowed me to contine to pet her, I could feel how significantly her spine and every other bone pertruded from her. She was starving! This poor baby was not going to live much longer. She needed a home. She needed a family. That day, I made her mine. 

    She was still very skiddish and I couldn't get a good look as to whether she was a boy or a girl. Her fur is long and it was very difficult to determine. I made her an appoinment to get fixed and receive all of her vaccinations - especially since she was going to be an outdoor cat. I still didn't know what to name her because I couldn't figure out if she was a boy or girl. So, the appontment was made under "ferral cat - Hale". I gave her a bath in preparation for her vet visit. Shockingly, I didn't get ripped apart. Then, in the middle of the night I had been in a deep sleep. I awoke suddenly and the only thing that kept running through my head was 'Her name is Samantha'. It was an odd revelation because I still didn't know if it was a girl! Why did this name Samantha come to me so suddenly and powerfully? It was weird. A few days later I took her to the vet for her appointment. Before I left, I asked if they could tell me if she was a boy or girl. She was  girl! Her name was Samantha.

    I dropped her off at the vet, expecting to pick her up the next day. A few hours later I get a call from the vet with some hilarious news. They shaved her stomach in preparation for the surgery and you know what they found? A scar. She had already been fixed! I knew she had been someone's cat. I don't know if she was abandoned, dropped off, lost... I'll never know. All I know is she was dying, reacted as though she had been abused, and so we gave her a home. Given the news we received, this made the appointment very easy on her. No surgery, just a tummy hair cut. She did have a bad skin infection from the rash. We received medication for that and she was given all of her vaccinations. I took her back home and continued to nurse her back to health and attempting to gain her trust more. 

    I knew how afraid she was and did not think she would take to the inside, even though I suspected she was probably someone's indoor cat. I coaxed her inside a couple of times, but she wouldn't get far from the door and wouldn't stay long. The brothers were curious and had no social cues. This made her even more nervous. Winter was upon us and I became concerned that she would get cold or even freeze to death. So, I researched dog houses. There was a dog house that had a built in heater in the ceiling. Purrrrrrrrfect. I found soft blankets for her to sleep on, and because it was so large I was able to move her food and water inside the dog house. She went in occsionally. I think out of desperation, but it seems she was too afraid being in an enclosed space like that. 

    One very cold day in December, we were supposed to have unusually cold weather that night. My husband lured her in and she was hesitant. But, for the first time ever, she didn't go back to the door panicking to get out. In fact, she never indicated she wanted back out, ever again. The first month or so she spent most of her time under our bed. As time went on, we would see more of her, not much, and she definitely kept her distance from the brothers. This December (2018) will make two years since she has not left our home. She still does not cuddle or sleep with the brothers and she'll still run at sudden moves or loud noises. But, she wonders the house frequently, will lightly play with one of the brothers (always putting them in their place because she still has her claws) and has taken to my husband in an amazing way. She loves him in an obsessive way. She calls for him for nearly a half our when he leaves. When he works in the garage, she paws at the door and calls for him. It's precious. We never removed her claws because she is smaller than the brothers and we wanted her to be able to defend herself. The brothers have a good nature, but can play rough. She's such a docile cat, we felt it was in her best interest to leave her claws alone. 

    Samantha has nearly tripled her weight. She went from starving to - well - she could afford to lose a few pounds. She still has some trust issues, but has come such a long way. She purrs and begs for attention from the people she knows and trusts. She'll lay stretched out on her back and sunbath in front of the big windows, never acting as though she wants out. I've even held the door open and she shows no interest. She's comfortable. She's happy. She has made this her home and accepted us as her family. 

Amber's Story
Amber's Picture
  • Less than 24 our after we buried Chase in our front yard at our new home, this little orange kitty showed up. Over the next few weeks we talked to several neighbors trying to figure out who she belonged to and where she came from. I don’t know why she was so drawn to our home?!? She appeared to be about 5 months old and would not leave our yard She was just the sweetest thing! When you sat down she would jump on your lap and snuggle with your, purring. We eventually learned from a neighbor that someone had driven onto our street and simply dropped this poor baby off. The loss of Chase was still so fresh that we were not ready to take on a new furbaby, but we showered her with attention whenever we were outside anyway.

    In October, we made the decision to adopt this kitty since no one was taking responsibility for her, she was a young female and at risk of getting pregnant very soon. Before taking her to the vet the children and I voted on a name for her. We liked Pumpkin or Amber. Both because she was orange and it was October. The majority voted on Amber, and from that point forward, our new kitty was called Amber.

    We took her to the vet to be checked out, get her vaccinated, microchipped and to be fixed. The Humane Society helped with the cost of getting her spayed. Though I preferred her to be an indoor kitty, we were not sure how the other cats would take to her or if she would be happy indoors. Therefore, the Humane Society strongly suggested getting her ear clipped. This is something that they do when the cat is under anesthesia while being spayed and is a universal symbol that the cat is fixed. This is good because if animal control were to see her outside, they would leave her alone knowing that she will not be able to reproduce. I have mixed feelings about it, but allowed it to be done in her best interest.

    Amber is a feisty thing. She does not like to play with Seth. I think that he is a little too rough for her. But she loves to wrestle with Isaac. She tends to sleep by herself, but demands lots of attention and love. Since the official adoption, she has adapted quite well to the inside. Our other kitties accepted her right away. She does like to go outside every once in a while, but because of a close call and an unfortunate accident of her being relocated to the garbage dump, we keep her indoors as much as possible. Though, she a quick little thing and manages to get out every once in a while. I’ve noticed that she hangs close though, and doesn’t tend to leave our yard.

    Amber is on the small side, though she is still growing. I guess her to be born around March of 2018. She is about 10 pounds but makes up for her small frame in agility and feistiness. Amber has made a beautiful addition to our family and we are so happy to have her in our home.

Jynx's Photo
Jynx's Photo
  • On April 13, 2019, Washington County Animal Shelter had a yard sale. If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for a good yard sale. Someone else’s junk is another man’s treasure. So, Emilia and I decided to go to this yard sale together. We found some treasures and when we were finished Emilia insisted on going inside to see the animals. I was hesitant because I know I am weak. But, I told her we could and reiterated multiple times that we CANNOT take any animals home. We have FOUR CATS, we CANNOT take another animal home.

    We visited the cats first. There were not very many. Several adoptions had taken place and only about ¼ of the enclosures had cats. This was a very good thing. Emilia found a cat named “Poppy”. Poppy had been there several months and was depressed. He seemed skittish like he had been abused or had a rough life up to that point. Emilia was in love with him and wanted to take him home so badly. But, I could tell that he had the demeanor that he would not be happy in a household with our outgoing cats. He needed a calm, quiet home with lots of love. This broke Emilia’s heart, but I explained it to her the best that I could. To help put her mind at ease, we sponsored Poppy’s adoption to take the cost burden off of a loving family willing to give Poppy a home and to help Poppy find that home a little faster. Though I will never know where Poppy ended up, I do know that he was adopted and is no longer at the shelter.


    poppy photo

    Also while at the shelter, I fell in love. There was a cat named Jynx. Jynx was at the shelter as a kitten, formally named by the shelter “Earth”, and was adopted at some point in time as a kitten. The family that adopted Jynx changed her from “Earth” to “Jynx”. She was returned to the shelter about 2 years later for an unknown to me reason. Jynx had been back at the shelter for a couple of months. She was craving attention. She looked so much like Seth it was uncanny. I opened the cage and she clung to me. As I picked her up, she climbed and perched on my shoulder. What?!?!? Only Seth does this!! Not only does she look like Seth, but she is acting like him too. I took this as a sign that it was meant to be for me to have this kitty be a part of our family.

    Knowing that making emotional decisions was not a good thing, Emilia and I left the shelter empty handed after visiting the dogs. We sat in the parking lot crying and talking and praying. We love animals so much, seeing so many without homes breaks our hearts. We finished running our errands and went home. After much thought, reason, and prayer I decided to go back to see Jynx. As mentioned before, it was an adoption promotion weekend, so cats were being adopted like crazy. Jynx was very popular cat among the visitors and I knew there was a very slim chance that she was still there. So, I removed my emotional thought and said if she is still there, then I am supposed to take her home. Long story short, she was and I adopted her.

    Because the shelter could not tell me very much about her history, I was nervous about taking her home out of fear of what she could expose my other kitties to. I called our veterinarian and they were able to see her right away. Jynx had already been fixed, so I just needed her vaccinated and bloodwork done to make sure she was not carrying any illness that could be transmitted to our other kitties. She came out of the vet’s office vaccinated and with a clean bill of health.

    We set her up in the office, isolated at first to adjust to our new home. The next day, I allowed her to be exposed to the other cats one at a time for a short, supervised period of time. Jynx is probably the most vocal cat I have ever seen. She meows a lot. She purrs very loud. She also growls and moans frequently. She is not aggressive but vocalized her feelings firmly to everyone around her. The second night she was in the office she was expressing herself extremely loudly. I got less than 2 hours of sleep that night. I was fortunate enough to have a substitute teacher available that allowed me to get a few more hours of sleep and help her adjust to our new home another day.

    Jynx has now completely adjusted. I can barely tell Jynx and Seth apart. Jynx is slightly smaller framed and Seth weighs about 6 -7 pounds more than Jynx. Jynx also has ears that are a little pointier. Other than that they look like twins or very close siblings. Even their demeanor is still quite similar. She has made her “safe place” on my bed. She doesn’t like to play with the other cats but has been caught sleeping next to Seth and Isaac. Most nights I have Seth next to me on my pillow and Jynx on the other side of me. When she wants attention, there is nothing you can do but give it to her. She will jump on you, stand on your chest and remove anything that you have in your hand to get the attention she is demanding. He outgoing personality has made a perfect fit to our home. It was no doubt a right decision to bring her into our home. It’s absolutely INSANE having 5 indoor cats at the moment – but I wouldn’t trade a single one of them for the whole wide world.

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  • Diana is the sister of Chase, Isaac, and Seth. Although we never had the opportunity to meet Diana because she had already been adopted when we met the brothers, I was able to find her picture on Washington County Animal Shelter's website. I was surprised to see how much Diana looked like Chase. Since Chase is smaller than his brothers, I wondered if she would be too. I also wondered if her tail looked like Chase's tail. I have always said that if we found Diana and had the opportunity to take her as our own, we would. I would love to know where she ended up and if she is anything like her brothers. I also wonder what it would be like is she were reunited with her brothers, what all of their reactions would be. 



    1. Cats are the most popular pet in the United States: There are 88 million pet cats and 74 million dogs.

    2. There are cats who have survived falls from over 32 stories (320 meters) onto concrete.

    3. A group of cats is called a clowder.

    4. Cats have over 20 muscles that control their ears.

    5. Cats sleep 70% of their lives.

    6. A cat has been mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, for 15 years. His name is Stubbs.

    7. And one ran for mayor of Mexico City in 2013. 

    8. In tigers and tabbies, the middle of the tongue is covered in backward-pointing spines, used for breaking off and gripping meat.

    9. When cats grimace, they are usually "taste-scenting." They have an extra organ that, with some breathing control, allows the cats to taste-sense the air.

    10. Cats can't taste sweetness.

    11. Owning a cat can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by a third.

    12. Wikipedia has a recording of a cat meowing because why not?

    13. The world's largest cat measured 48.5 inches long.

    14. Evidence suggests domesticated cats have been around since 3600 B.C., 2,000 years before Egypt's pharaohs.

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    16. Similarly, the frequency of a domestic cat's purr is the same at which muscles and bones repair themselves.

    17. Adult cats only meow to communicate with humans.

    18. The world's richest cat is worth $13 million after his human passed away and left her fortune to him.

    19. Your cat recognizes your voice but just acts too cool to care (probably because they are).

    20. Cats are often lactose intolerant, so stop givin' them milk!

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    75. When your cat brings home a dead mouse or bird, it may do so to show you that you suck at hunting.

    76. Cats have inferior daytime sight, but during the night they need seven times less light than humans to see.

    77. The largest litter of kittens produced 19 kittens. 

    78. Eighty-eight percent of cats in the U.S. are spayed or neutered.

    79. Only 24% of cats who enter animal shelters are adopted.

    80. Cats are really cool.

    81. They are also very soft.

    82. If you want to adopt a cat, you can visit your local Humane Society or check out



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    Chelsea Marshall
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