• Class Rules

    1. Follow directions quickly.
    2. Raise your hand for permission to speak.
    3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your sit.
    4. Make smart choices.
    5. Keep your dear learning community happy.

    Diamond Rule: Keep your eyes on target.


    What is Class Dojo?

    ClassDojo is a classroom tool that helps teachers monitor behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily.  It also captures and generates data on behavior that teachers can share with parents. ClassDojo makes it easy to engage parents in their child’s classroom performance by allowing teachers to provide them with data from the classroom - with just one click!


    How does it work?

    ClassDojo is a fully confidential and online behavior system.  Each student is assigned an avatar to represent them. When students demonstrate positive behaviors, the teacher simply clicks on their avatar, chooses the appropriate behavior from the list, and awards the student with a positive point.  When a student demonstrates a negative behavior, the teacher can subtract points from the student’s overall point total.


    How do I know how my child is doing?

    The great part about ClassDojo is the fact that it provides parents with current and specific information regarding their child’s behavior at school.  Parents receive a login code which allows them to access their child’s Dojo account anytime and view a report outlining exactly why their child is receiving positive and negative points.  These reports can be viewed on a daily basis, weekly basis, or monthly basis. After parents have registered for a Dojo account, ClassDojo will send them an email every Friday, detailing their child’s weekly behavior.


    How can my child be involved?

    Students are also given a Dojo login code that allows them to access their avatar.  They can go online and create and modify their avatar. They can also view their behavior reports.


    How will ClassDojo be used in my child’s classroom?

    Prior to the first day of use, each student will be assigned a Dojo avatar.  Parents and students will receive a login code, which will allow them to register for their own Dojo accounts.  PARENTS MUST REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT IN ORDER TO RECEIVE WEEKLY EMAIL BEHAVIOR REPORTS.  If you do not have access to a computer and would like for me to send home weekly behavior reports, please just let me know.




    Throughout the school day, students will earn positive Dojo points based on the class values. These can be earned through a variety of ways:


    • For academics:  Students can earn points when they complete various challenges (classwork, homework, tests, etc.).


    • For behavior:  When students follow the class rules by going above and beyond, they earn dojo points.


    • Students may also earn brag tags for both academics and behavior.  These tags will be added to their necklaces. When achieving Dojo ranks, students will be inducted in various point clubs at the end of each 9 weeks and will get to add colorful beads to their necklaces for achieving those ranks.



    Students will lose points if they break one or more of our school rules.  Students will receive 1 warning. Every negative consequence is worth 1 point. This point will be taken after students have been given a verbal warning and the same class rule is broken.  No exceptions will be given. (At some point during the year, your child will probably lose a dojo point. No one is perfect.  What is important, is that you talk to your child about the class rule that was broken and come up with a plan to be better at following that rule.)


    First Offense: Warning

    Second Offense: Lose dojo points

    Third Offense:  Lose dojo points, and walk laps on the playground during recess for 10 minutes.

    Fourth Offense: Lose dojo points, walk laps on the playground during recess for 10 minutes, and contact parent

    Fifth Offense: Lose dojo points, walk laps on the playground during recess for 10 minutes, contact parent, and visit Mrs. Menge or Mr. Combs


    *I reserve the right to skip any of these steps and take immediate office referral action at any point based on the severity of the behavior.