• In first grade, we are primarily focused on reading skills as homework.  



    Students are given a few baggy books each week that is specifically selected for them that is on their current independent reading level and they should be reading for 20 minutes every night.  After reading the same book at least 3 times with little to no errors, students will bring the book back to school and read a portion of it with Mrs. Osborne and answer some basic comprehension questions.  If the child needs to review the book, she will send it back home with them. 

    ***Keep in mind the books sent home are on your child's independent reading levels so they should be able to read the entire book independently with little help from you.  Use this time to practice reading fluently with your child and with expression. Ask them to summarize or sequence the story for you.  During small group instruction time, students are given more challenging books as we are learning new skills.***


    For your convenience, here is a graphic that shows what reading level your child should be on during the course of the year. I will test your child periodically and when they increase reading levels, they will receive those leveled books for homework. The goal is for students to be able to read at least 25 books independently by the end of the year.


    Reading Level Convention Chart


    Students will be given different numbered lists that contain pre-primer and primer sight words.  Their goal is to be able to read and correctly spell all of the words by the end of the year.  Students will be practicing this at school, but will also be able to take home mastered lists so they may keep practicing those words.



    While no math homework will be given, students will receive practice sheets throughout the year that can be used at home for extra practice. If students complete and return, they may receive Dojo points.  You may also use this time to practice addition and subtraction math facts.