"Hello", from Otis!




    Mrs. Osborne wanted me to share a little bit about myself here!  My name is Otis! I am a nocturnal animal from South America and came all the way to the US many years ago.  I love to sleep during the day, but I am wide awake at night, playing and leaving messes for Mrs. Osborne to clean up. My favorite thing to do is jump, climb, and sleep in my hammock or house! I can run fast and jump very high.  Sometimes Mrs. Osborne let's me out in the classroom to play.  I have to get exercise and stretch my legs just like you do!  Sometimes I make really excited sounds as I play. But if someone nearby scares me, I might make a barking sound. Not quite like a dog.


    What do I eat? I love to eat hay and chinchilla pellets.  Mrs. Osborne sometimes gives me treats, too! Raisins are my favorite, but I also love wood! Mmmm!  I don't like to be held very much, but you can pet me if you'd like! My favorite spots are under my chin and behind my ear.  I am so soft.  Probably the softest animal you have ever pet! 



    My fur is so special that I can't take normal baths like you do.  I take baths in dust! Check it out!