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    All TCAT (Tennessee College of Applied Technology) Centers are eligible for TN Promise and TN Reconnect funding.  Please check each location and program for complete eligibility requirements. Click on the center location within each program description for specific information including, but not limited to length of program, job placement, salary expectations, job duties & tuition and other costs involved.

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Programs of Study

  • Administrative Office Technology

     CENTERS: Elizabethton | Morristown | Knoxville | ChattanoogaAdministrative Office Technology Picture

    The Administrative Office Technology program is designed to develop skills through technical training necessary for entry-level employment in an office setting of the 21st Century.The curriculum reflects the use of the latest software applications and state-of-the-art office equipment. 

    During the technical training, students also learn proper office procedures, and interpersonal skills through the strong emphasis of worker characteristics necessary for success in any working environment. Additionally, many of the courses assist the student with the preparation needed to sit for various certification examinations.

    The program is designed to prepare students for employment with a variety of professional organizations as accounting assistants, administrative assistants, or medical administrative assistants.​


  • Aesthetics (Skin Care)

    Aesthetics Picture CENTERS: Chattanooga

    The Aesthetics program specializes in the study of skin care and offers instruction in keeping skin healthy, attractive and well maintained. The courses in both theoretical and basic practical skills are required for licensure by the Tennessee State Board of Cosmetology. Students must complete the basic Aesthetics curriculum and demonstrate competence in both theory and practical basic skills before being allowed to participate in laboratory activities.


  • Automotive Technology

    Automotive Technology Picture

    CENTERS: Elizabethton | Morristown | Knoxville | Chattanooga

    The aim of this program is to provide trainees with a thorough understanding of the methods of servicing and repairing automotive vehicles.  Trainees are taught to use the proper factory-approved methods of servicing, repairing, and maintaining vehicles. Training includes learning to make proper diagnosis using test equipment, hand tools, special equipment, precision measuring tools, and service manuals and specifications.

    Training in automotive technology is designed to give students skills and technical knowledge  which will prepare them for entrance into the automotive field.  Units of instruction include training in the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) certified program, math, and the eight areas of A.S.E. certification: engines, electrical systems, climate control, engine performance, brakes, chassis, powertrains and transmissions.

  • Aviation Maintenance Technology

    Aviation Maintenance Technology Photo CENTERS: Morristown

    The Aviation Maintenance Technology program prepares students to inspect, repair, service, and overhaul airframe and power plant systems. Students also receive training in the electrical and electronics area of the aviation industry. Program offers specialized classroom instruction and practical hands-on experience in the field of aviation, airframe, and power plant maintenance. Upon completion of the program, the student will be eligible to take the Federal Aviation Administration Certification Exam to become a licensed airframe and power plant mechanic.

  • Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)

    Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Picture CENTERS: Elizabethton | Knoxville

    Students enrolled in this state approved Nursing Assistant program will be trained to provide direct care to patients.  Employment opportunities include: Assisted Living, Home Health, Long-Term Care Facilities, Hospitals, and Hospice.  This course will also allow students to earn 10 points toward the Practical Nursing program.  CPR from the American Heart Association BLS for Providers will be included as a part of this course.

  • Collision Repair Technology

    Collision Repair Technology Photo

    CENTERS: Morristown | Knoxville | Chattanooga

    The automotive Collision Repair Technology program is designed to provide training in repairing damaged auto bodies and parts. This program is Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified and will prepare students to obtain individual certification. Students may choose to do general body and paint work and develop skills in many areas, or they may specialize in the areas in which they have the greatest ability and interest.

    There are opportunities to learn many skills such as metal work, spray painting, welding, auto glass, and electrical systems. Collision Repair Technology is a self paced program. Job opportunities are great as a Collision Repair Technician. A graduate could perform custom car work, become an estimator, a salesperson, shop manager, or be a business owner.

  • Computer Information Technology

    Computer Information Technology Photo

    CENTERS: Elizabethton | Morristown | Knoxville

    Computer Information Technology is a 12- to 20-month program that will enable students to become familiar with computer equipment and peripherals and the proper handling and care of the equipment. Students will also learn how the computer works and how it can benefit employees in the modern workplace. Students will gain knowledge in terminology, installation of software and become proficient in the use of software programs.

    Upon completion of the fundamentals of computer operations, students will advance to the technical aspects of computers. This will include troubleshooting computer problems. Students will learn computer networking setup, multimedia, how to access the Internet, and the latest in technological advancements in the world of computers.

  • Computer Numeric Control (CNC)

    Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Photo CENTERS: Chattanooga

    Students receive instruction on how to read machine shop blueprints; properly use measuring instruments; operate a variety of CNC machines including machines offsets; proper use of tooling; and programming of CNC machines to produce precision machined parts. Completion of the Machine Tool Technology program or five years of work experience in a machine tool shop, plus passing the TTC machine shop final exam are required. Classes are held on the main campus.

    Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machines are widely used in the machining industry. This one-semester program is designed for in-depth study of CNC machines. Students will learn how to set-up and run a CNC lathe, machining centers and grinders. In addition, students will receive training on a Computer Aided Design (CAD) system.

    Note:  To enroll in the CNC program, prospective students must have completed Machine Tool program or have five-years of verifiable work experience in a Machine Shop and pass a competency test.  Students will need to contact the instructors to schedule an interview for acceptance into the class. 

  • Cosmetology

    Cosmetology CENTERS: Morristown | Knoxville | Chattanooga

    Students, who are interested in pursuing a career in the personal beauty industry, will receive instruction in personal, salon safety rules and regulations, sanitation and sterilization standards, and the proper use of equipment and implements commonly found in a salon setting. Additionally, students receive instruction in the anatomy and physiology of hair and scalp, the psychology of sales, and first aid.

    The cosmetology program provides students with the necessary skills needed to pass the State Board of Cosmetology's practical and written examinations. Students have the option of enrolling in the full-time program during the day or evening on the main campus. Students will need four semesters of enrollment to earn the 1,500 clock hours required by the State Board of Cosmetology.

    Cosmetologists focus on providing hair care services to enhance the appearance of their clientele. Other personal appearance workers, such as manicurists and pedicurists, shampoo technicians, and skin care specialists, provide specialized beauty services that help client’s look and feel their best.  A number of cosmetologist offer specialized services, such as natural hair care, hair color, texture, cutting, skin care and nail care.

    In addition to working with clients, cosmetologist keeps records of hair color or skin care regimens used by their regular clients. A growing number of cosmetologists actively sell hair, skin, and nail care products. Barbers, cosmetologists, and other personal appearance workers who operate their own salons have managerial duties that may include hiring, supervising, and firing workers, as well as keeping business and inventory records, ordering supplies, and arranging for advertising.

    Classroom and laboratory learning experiences in the program focus on the basic skills required for state board licensing.  The students are introduced to other areas of specialized training such as Salon trainer, distributive sales consultant, cosmetology instructor, salon management and or owner.

  • Dental Assistant

    Dental Assistant Photo CENTERS: Knoxville

    The Dental Assisting program prepares students to become members of the dental health care team. The course includes theory with demonstrations and classroom instruction. Students receive supervised experience performing procedures using study models, mannequins, and other simulated methods. Students receive three months of supervised   experience in the clinical setting performing procedures on dental patients in a dental office.

    The Dental Assistant program is accredited by the Tennessee State Board of Dentistry.

  • Diesel Powered Equipment Technology

    Diesel Powered Equipment Technology Photo CENTERS: Elizabethton | Knoxville | Chattanooga

    The Diesel Powered Equipment Technology Program provides students with practical experience in the repair and maintenance of diesel engines, fuel systems, electrical systems, clutch and transmissions, hydraulics, drive-lines, axles, frame suspension, and diesel truck and tractor steering. Students receive instruction in diagnosing trouble and engine analysis. The fuel injection lab allows students to work on actual diesel vehicles.

  • Dietary Manager

    Dietary Manager Photo CENTERS: Elizabethton

    Dietary Manager is an online training program designed to meet the educational needs of individuals desiring to work with Registered Dietitians to provide quality nutritional care for patients/residents. They are involved in food procurement services, sanitation, food and safety, as well as administrative personnel management. This program consists of one to two lessons per week and 150 hours of field experience training. The program, approved by the Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals (ANFP),  is designed to prepare graduates to take the National Credentialing Exam to become a Certified Dietary Manager (CDM).

  • Drafting and CAD Technology

    CAD Photo CENTERS: Morristown

    The Drafting student is taught to translate the ideas, notes, rough sketches, specifications, and calculations of engineers, architects, and designers into working drawings, which are used by skilled craftsman in manufacturing products. Instruction in the fundamentals of material selection, strength and manufacturing processes are included in the program. 

    The drafting program includes technical illustration and drawing techniques, the use of engineering handbooks and tables, Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD), rapid prototyping systems and other physical sciences. Students may specialize in Mechanical Design, Architectural Design or obtain a working knowledge of both areas. All instruction is self paced with emphasis on the use of CADD and 3D Parametric Design. 

    All course material prepares students for certification by American Design Drafting Association (ADDA); Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) exam; and AutoDesk Certified Associate

  • Electricity/Electronics

    Electricity/Electronics Photo CENTERS: Elizabethton

    This 12 to 16–month program provides students with basic theory, principles, practice, experiments, and real work experience. After completion of the basic electrical curricula, the student has the option of specializing in one or more of the following areas; Advanced Digital Electronics, Solid State Motor Control, Hydraulic/Pneumatics, and Programmable Logic Controllers. 

    Upon completion of the course of study for this program, a student can apply his or her knowledge to today's ever-changing technological advancements in residential, commercial, wiring industrial electricity, and electronics.

  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning/Refrigeration

    HVAC Photo CENTERS: Elizabethton | Morristown | Knoxville | Chattanooga

    This program consists of classroom and shop learning experiences concerned with commercial chilling and freezing systems, including theory, application and operation of compressors; expansion and float b-valves; thermostats and pressure controls; diagnosing, over-hauling, and testing methods and procedures; charging and discharging systems with refrigerants; and testing hermetic units, relays and overload devices. Other learning experiences enable the student to become proficient in the installation, repair, and maintenance of commercial and domestic air conditioning systems. Included in the course is the theory and application of basic principles of conditioning of air; the operating characteristics of various units and parts; blueprint reading; the use of technical reference manuals; the diagnosis of malfunctions; and overhaul, repair and adjustment of units and parts, such as pumps, compressors, valves, springs, and connections; and the repair of electrical and pneumatic control systems.

  • Industrial Electricity

    Industrial Electricity Photo CENTERS: Morristown | Knoxville | Chattanooga

    This program is designed to provide training in basic theories, principles, practices, experiments, and hands-on experience needed to solve everyday problems involved in electrical maintenance, installation, repair, and operation of electrical equipment.

    Industrial Electricity students will use calculations based on OHM’s Law to solve problems in electrical and electronic circuits. Reading of schematics, logic and line diagramsis included as well. Students are taught the most practical aspects of troubleshooting electrical problems. Knowledge of schematic diagrams, national electric code, electric motor control, and programmable logic controllers is essential when troubleshoting high-tech electrical equipment.

  • Industrial Electronics

    Microchip Photo CENTERS: Chattanooga

    Graduates complete the program fully prepared for employment in businesses and industries utilizing the latest state-of-the-art equipment and techniques in electronics technology. Students receive training for entry into telecommunications, computer maintenance and repair, radio and television repair, microprocessors, two-way radio systems, and electronic controls systems in industry and industrial instrumentation.

    The program consists of classroom instruction in theory, laboratory time and practical experiences required to develop the knowledge and physical skills necessary to become a qualified technician. Full-time day and evening classes are available on the main campus.

  • Industrial Maintenance

    Industrial Maintenance Photo CENTERS: Elizabethton |  Morristown | Knoxville | Chattanooga

    This program is designed to provide students general skills in a variety of areas common to industry. Students receive training in basic welding techniques and cutting processes; machine tool technology training that includes shop theory, blueprint reading and sketching, use of hand tools and technical manuals, and the use of precision measuring instruments. Machine Tool Technology also includes set-up and operation of computer controlled milling machines and lathes. Also included is Industrial Electricity  that provides training in electrical maintenance, installation, repair, and operation of electrical equipment. Students also receive Mechanical Maintenance that consists of training from lubrication through pumps, bearings, gearing, etc.

    Cross training enables students to have knowledge in several areas and does not limit them to one field of expertise. The student who completes this course will have met the requirements for an entry-level maintenance position.

  • Landscape and Turf Management

    Landscape Picture CENTERS: Chattanooga

    Graduates of the landscape and turf management program gain a strong background that prepares them for self-employment or employment with a landscape company or other organization involved with the upkeep of their grounds.

    Topics of study include arboriculture; chemicals; fertilizers; flowering plants; greenhouse management; landscape mechanics and design; computer assisted design (Land CADD); Nursery management; soils; working in the greenhouse planting bedding plant plugs for the coming season; landscape skill development, and turf grass management. No part-time or evening classes are available.

  • Machine Tool Technology

    Machine Tool Technology Photo CENTERS: Elizabethton | Morristown | Knoxville | Chattanooga

    The Machine Tool Technology program develops basic skills in machine tool operations and provides experience on a variety of machine tools, such as lathes, milling machines, computer numerical control (CNC) machines, and the CAD-CAM. Related math, blueprint reading, precision measuring, basic metallurgy, and heat treating are included. Graduates of the Machine Tool Technology program will be able to operate the lathe, milling machines, such as the CNC machine, surface grinders, and perform heat treating operations.Upon program completion, typical job opportunities are Machinist and CNC Operator.

  • Massage Therapy

    Massage Therapy Photo CENTERS: Chattanooga

    The Massage Therapy day program is three semesters long and includes a Medical Massage Certification. Applications are accepted year round from students who have earned a regular high school diploma or GED. Massage Therapy students receive classroom training and practical application of techniques, off-site practice at health events, and clinical practice under the supervision of a licensed massage therapist. Class size is limited and students are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Students accepted into the program are required to have a criminal background check.

  • Medical Assistant

    Medical Assistant Photo CENTERS: Knoxville | Chattanooga

    The Medical Assisting program prepares students to become members of the health care team in doctors’ offices, medical clinics, hospitals, and specialty practices. The curriculum includes administrative and clinical competencies. *Clinical experiences include a variety of general and specialty practices. Graduates of the Medical Assistant program will be a multi-skilled health professional who is qualified to provide support health care services under the supervision of a physician. This versatile member of the health care team assists the physician in executing administrative and clinical procedures in the office/clinic setting.

  • Medical Office Information Technology

    Medical Office Information Technology Photo CENTERS: Knoxville

    The Medical Office Information Technology program prepares students to enter health-care facilities, such as hospitals and doctor, dental or chiropractic offices in a variety of positions. Students will be multi-skilled with knowledge of insurance codes, medical billing practices, electronic health records and medical office administration skills. Students will have a blend of classroom theory and hands-on computer laboratory training that will enable them to meet the requirements of medical information management. The curriculum includes administrative and clinical competencies.*Externship will be 8 hours days. The hours worked will vary depending on the facility.

  • Motorcycle and Marine Services

    Motorcycle Repair Photo CENTERS: Chattanooga

    Motorcycle and marine engines are becoming more sophisticated and require technicians to have extensive technical training. Motorcycle and marine engines are a separate technology from automobile or diesel mechanics. The motorcycle service industry includes ATVs, dirt bikes and street bikes. The marine service industry relates to bass boats, pleasure boats, PWC (personal watercraft), and cruisers. While all have similar maintenance and repair requirements, all can develop unique problems that test the expertise of the technician.

    As the pool of qualified technicians shrinks, the program is working with the motorcycle and marine industry to combat the shortage of qualified technicians and increase starting pay. Only full-time day classes are offered on the main campus.

  • Multimedia Design Technology

    Graphic Design Photo CENTERS: Morristown

    Students are taught the practical aspects of the graphic communications and printing industry in this program. Included are Layout, Design techniques, Desktop Publishing, Web page design, Electronic Imaging, Pre - Press, Duplicating, and Bindery. Desktop Publishing is taught using state of the art software for page Design, Illustration, Scanning, Image Editing, and Pre- Press. Both PC's and Macintosh Systems are utilized. Graphics are constructed for use both in print and World Wide Web.

    Business cards, flyers, books, brochures, business forms and Web-pages are just a few of the many projects used in this program for instruction.

    Student's can now test to become Adobe Certified Associates, increasing their odds to obtaining better paying jobs in the design field.

  • Phlebotomy

    Phlebotomy Photo CENTERS: Elizabethton

    The Phlebotomy Technician Certificate program includes theory and hands-on instruction over a four-week period.  This course is designed for individuals who are interested in starting a career in the medical field, prospective patient care technicians, current nurses, or for individuals who desire to enhance personal skills. This is a comprehensive 49-hour course, including labs. This certificate program will assist students in preparing for the Phlebotomy Certification Exam. Prerequisites include a high school diploma or equivalent, CPR for the Health Care Provider Certification, and liability insurance. Students must be at least 18 years of age.


  • Pipefitting and Plumbing

    Plumbing Photo CENTERS: Elizabethton | Morristown | Knoxville

    Pipefitting is a competency-based training program that takes 1296 hours (12 months) to complete. Actual time is dependent upon the length of time it takes to achieve each competency.

    The individualized concept allows each student to progress at their own learning rate. The training program prepares students for an entry-level position as a pipefitter.

    Students will learn various pipe and welding fabrication techniques including interpreting blueprints and specifications; making detailed sketches for pipe and equipment fabrication and installation; cutting pipe using various hand or power tools; measuring, cutting with blades and torches; threading, grooving, bending, soldering, brazing, welding, assembling, joining; and installing pipes, valves and fittings.

  • Practical Nursing

    Practical Nursing Photo CENTERS: Elizabethton | Morristown | Knoxville | Chattanooga

    This program is designed to meet the needs of an educational program for the members of the nursing team employed in hospitals, nursing homes, home health care agencies, etc., to give assistance in the care of patients. Included in the course is: fundamental nursing skills, medical-surgical nursing, pharmacology and administration of medicine, nutrition, growth and development, personal and community health, and all of the body systems such as endocrine etc. This course prepares graduates to take the state board examination in order to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

  • Road Building Equipment Service Technician

    Road Building Equipment Photo CENTERS: Chattanooga

    The Road Building Equipment Service Technician (R-BEST) program is designed to produce multi-skilled service technicians who have the ability to work on and service heavy construction equipment used in the road building industry. A class of eight to ten students will be selected through a competitive application process each year for enrollment in the fall semesters beginning in 2015.  Applicants who are admitted will have an industry sponsor who will serve as a mentor throughout the program, during the three academic semesters and the two internship semesters.


  • Surgical Technology

    Surgical Technology Photo CENTERS: Knoxville | Chattanooga

    The Surgical Technology Program trains individuals to prepare the operating room, select and care for instruments, provide technical assistance to the surgeon and nursing team during surgery, and breakdown the room after the surgery. The program consists of four months of concentrated theory and lab practice, two months of integrated theory and clinical preparation, and six months of clinical practice.

  • Tech Foundations

    Tech Foundations Photo CENTERS: Elizabethton

    The Technology Foundations program is a requirement of the Tennessee Board of Regents to help students gain reading, math and occupational skills necessary to be gainfully employed.

    The Tennessee College of Applied Technology Elizabethton has partnered with several testing companies to offer testing and training solutions that utilize state-of-the-art, web-based curriculum and assessments.

  • Truck Driving

    Truck Driving Photo CENTERS: Knoxville | Chattanooga

    The Truck Driving program prepares students to pass the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) test. The program includes instruction in Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, as well as, logging procedures required by DOT and the trucking industry. The course provides actual experience in backing, driving on secondary roads, interstate roads, highways, and city streets. Students may apply to the program without their CDL permit, but MUST obtain a CDL Class A permit prior to the start date of their class from the Tennessee Department of Safety.

  • Welding

    Welding Photo CENTERS: Elizabethton | Morristown | Knoxville | Chattanooga

    Welding is a 12-month program that provides students with the basic techniques of the welding process common in industry. Instruction in operations such as flame cutting, grinding, metal preparation, the use of tools and equipment, related math, physical properties of metal, effects of heat thickness allowances, shrinkage, basic joint design, layout, and fabrication are provided.

    The student will develop skills and knowledge in stick electrode (SMAW), gas welding, brazing, gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), TIG and gas metal arc welding (GMAW), and MIG welding on ferrous and non-ferrous materials, including pipe, structural steel, plate, stainless steel, and aluminum.