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    "Pure mathematics is, in its own way,

    the poetry of logical ideas." -Albert Einstein



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    A TI-84 Calculator "Wabbit EMU" app has been pushed onto all student chromebooks. Click the cirlce icon on the bottom right of your chromebook screen and search "Wabbit EMU". You will see a bunny rabbit. Click it and now the app is added to your Chromebook apps. Whenever you need it, just click the circle icon and then the arrow up icon to view all of the chromebook apps available to you.


    Graphing Calculator

  • Algebra 2

    Homework (On Savvas/Easy Bridge/enVision Online Textbook)


    1/24/22 Topic 2-1

    1/21/22 Topic 1 Test

    1/20/22 Topic 1-7

    1/19/22 Topic 1-6

    1/18/22 ***SNOW DAY***

    1/17/22 No School

    1/14/22 Topic 1-5

    1/13/22 Topic 1-4

    1/12/22 Schoolnet Test

    1/11/22 Topic 1-3

    1/10/22 Topic 1-2

    1/5/22 Topic 1-1 (On Paper)

    1/4/22 Fractions and Equations (On Paper)