What is History?

  • What is History?

    History: Listen closely to the word: history.  Do you hear another word in it? Do you hear the word story?  History is a story.  It's the story of all the people who have lived before us.  It helps us remember what we are and what we've done. 

    When you study history, you learn stories of great men and women who have done extraordinary things.  You'll meet a Chinese emperors who - long, long ago - built a wall so large that astronauts today can see it all the way from outer space.  History is also the story of ordinary people, of farmers, builders, artists, sailors, soldiers, teachers, and children.  Their stories are worth knowing.  They are our stories.  History is about how we have changed and how we've stayed the same.  So History is for everyone's story.

Today In History

I Believe

  • I believe the education of a child is the responsibility of the student, parent, and the teacher, and if any of the three fail to do their job the education of the student suffers.  

    I believe that every student is special to me as I seek to meet their educational and emotional needs.

    I believe my profession is honorable and I am proud to be an educator.


Building Bridges

  • bridge

    Building Bridges

    Teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross. Then have facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse the bridge inviting the students to build bridges of their own.

My Desire

  • heart  

    My desire is to teach each student to think, work independently and cooperatively while enjoying the learning process. I will help students grow socially, emotionally, and academically through patient and understanding teaching.


Some of My Favorites

    • Hobbies: crocheting, reading, gardening, macrame, clay, and traveling. I like to build things or redo projects. Learning more about history
    • Food/Drink: PeachieTea w LEMON, Hazzlenut Latte, any dessert
    • Color: green
    • Fragrance: blueberry
    • Fun Fact: I was a cheerleader in high school, I am a member of Grace Brethern Church for more than 23 years. I grew up Salomon skiing on Holston Lake.
    • My Loves: My family and friends, My God
    • My Birthday: March 5

Phone: 423-257-7400


Degrees and Certifications:

Eds. - Education Curriculum Management Masters in Education - Undergraduate in Business

Mrs. K. Fox

Dear Family Members; 

Welcome to Grandview.  I am glad to have your children as members of my class this year.  My name is Mrs. Kandi Fox, and I will be your child's Fifth or Sixth grade Social Studies teacher.  I hope you and I can work together to prepare him or her for a pleasurable and productive school experience.  I plan to make learning a fun opportunity and meet the needs of all the students.  I will give little or no homework as long as your child works in class and gets the assignments complete. In my class we will work on a few inclass projects throughout this year. I have put together a data notebook that we will be working on in class.  The assignments will cover curriculum standards that we cover in class. For sixth grade we have an Egyptian projects and other inschool projects due for that class.

To tell you a little about myself, I was born and raised in Bristol, Tennessee.  I am a graduate of Tennessee High School.  I have an undergraduate degree in business from Tusculum College.  I received my Masters in Education from Milligan College and have continued my education through various graduate classes from Western Carolina, University of Tennessee, and East Tennessee State College. I have received my EDS through Arkansas State University.  I chose teaching as my second career because I enjoy being with children and watching them succeed through learning. I am a cancer surriver and have a stong will to succeed.  I have two girls Samantha and Sydney. My husband just retired from David Crockett.  Go Pioneers!

You are the most important people in your child's life, and we need to work together for your child's benefit.  I need you to support my academic, homework, and discipline efforts.  I will keep you informed about your child's progress through dojo, band,  e-mail, learning journals, PowerSchool, and daily work. You may learn more about your child if you schedule a conference or meeting. You can do this by calling the office at Grandview or emailing me at mailto:foxk@wcde.org  With school and home working together, I know my students can have a great and successful year.

I look forward to meeting you personally.


Mrs. Kandi Fox