• Meet Thaira Carrillo

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         My name is Thaira Carrillo. I am fifteen  years old.  I am from the state of Zacatecas, Mexico. I lived in a community called the Santiagos, Jalpa. I went to primary school called ''Jose Maria Morelos" and I went to '' Valentin Gomez Farias of Jalpa High School.'' I like to paint and draw. I also like pop music and latin pop. My goals this year  is to learn English.  My goals in life are to study psycholyogy or photography.

          I would like to share informaton about a celebration in my town.  Each year on July 25th we celebrate our history of the spanish conquistador against the native people of Zacatecas. In this celebration called ''tastuanes'' we dress using common clothes and mask that we have created. The masks are different and colorful.  The tradition is the ''tastuanes'' who represent the native people throw fruit, called tunazos at the other men. This symbolizes the battle from both sides.  The natives are always the ones who win.  I love to watch this celebration because it is funny and entertaining!!  


  • Meet David Gonzalez

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          My name is David Gonzalez, I am sixteen years old, I am a sophmore at DCHS,  I speak Spanish and a little bit of English.  I am from Los Angeles, California. When I was born, I went to Mexico to live with my mom's family.  I lived in Mexico for five years.

        I have many things that I like to do.  I love to play and practice soccer. My favorite team is Real Madrid.  My favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo, I wish to be like him, beacuse he has so many great plays and strategies in the game of soccer.  I would like to become a soccer player on the Real Madrid team in the future.  I also like to listen to music. My favorite group is Coldplay and my favorite songs are "Paradise", "Clocks", "Viva la Vida", and "Charlie Brown."

         When I was kid, I liked airplanes, and I would pretend to be a pilot.  I have always wanted to visit places in the world.  Places like Europe, cities like Madrid, Spain.  I would like to visit the Santiago Bearnabeu Stadium in Madrid, that's were my favorte team plays. I also would like to know the history about the players and all the trophies that the team has won.  I also would like to visit Dubai with my family.  We could have a good vacation and travel all of the city.  I imagine that it is beautiful!


         My goal this year is to listen, speak, read, and write in English.  This would help me to communicate more with my friends and teachers, and learn more words in English. I hope to become a good student with good grates at DCHS.

                       My Winter Break!

         I didn't do anything fun.  I stayed at home all my four days of break.  I have things that i did.

         On Tuesday morning, I woke up early like if I was going to school. Then my mom told me that schools would be closed. I just change my clothes and put my pijama on again and I wont back to sleep.  When I woke up jus to the kitchen to have breakfast.  After I finished my breakfast I went to the livingroom to see t.v.  Then I wont to my room and played videogames and talked to my friends on the internet.  Then came nigth and i took a shower and i went to bed.  

         On Wednesday I did the same things but this time I spent all day in bed.  I was watching funny viedeos on the internet and listening to music.  It was a good time to stay in bed because it was so cold outside. 

         On Thuersday I did many things at home. I woke up and then I went to eat breakfast.  After I finished, I wont with my mom ti Greenville, she went to get a shot.  After we finished we went to McDonlads and I ate a delicious chicken nuggets with a good Sprite. I got back home and y mom and aunt prepared lunch.  They made "tacos dorados".  After I finished I went to my room.  At night I watched a movie with my family.  Then night stared and all of us including my little cousins, we went to the living room to see a movie.  After that I took a shower and I went to sleep. 

         Friday was a  quiet day day, I stayed again and I did the same routine as I did the other day.  Nothing special on Friday, I just bougth an Itunes card and bought music fot my phone.  MUSIC MAKES ME HAPPY!!

         Saturdays was a happy day fot two reasons, I went to the mechanic with my mom, sister and cousins.  When we finally got there I went to the car and searched for a earphones and I found them.  They were missing but finally I got them.  The other thing was that I night I talked with a friend on Skype.  I t was a fun moment.  We spent a good time talking together.

         Sunday, was a family day, my mom and aunt made "tamales" and all my family here in Tennessee came to eat "Tamales" and "Champurrado".  I was a goog time together.

         That's how my witer break was, some days I made somethings fun and others were boring.  The weather was so cold that I could not do many things.  That's how I enjoyed my winter break.

  • Meet Ming Chen


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      My name is Ming Chen.  I was born in China.  I'm sixteen years old.  I'm in the ninth grade.  I come from Fujian Provice, China.  My town is famous for a beautiful river ,its name is River Min.  It has another name: River Mother, because we love it like we love our mother.  There are many plants and flowers in my town, it looks like a green park, it's beautiful!

      I speak Chinese.  In China, my family members are my mother, father, my young brother, and my older sister.  In the USA, my family members are my uncle, auntie, and my cousins.  I studied in Guantou Middle School in China.  I have many friends there.

      Now I came to the USA.  I want to learn more knowledge and syudy here.

      I like playing basketball and swimming.  I also like listening to music.  My favorite color is green, I love green so much.  My favorite game is volleyball, because I know my best foreign friend because of volleyball.  He plays volleyball well.

     I have a dream, I want to be a fashion designer in the future, and I will strive for the dream.



  • Meet Goreti Lopez

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          Hello, my name is Goreti Lopez, and I come from Michuacan, Mexico.  I am 14 years old, and I go to David Crockett High School.  I can speak Spanish, English, and a little Portuguese.

         I have many things that make me happy, and they are animals, taking photos, and drawing things.  These three things are special for me.  Animals make me happy because they are special in nature, and we live with them.  Taking photos is another thing that I like, because when I take pictures I never forget the story of every photo that I have taken by myself.  Drawing things is another thing that I like, because you can put all of your inpiration into what drawing.

         My favorite color is baby blue, because I think it is a really sweet and pretty color.  My favorite sport is soccer, because I grew up seeing and playing soccer with all my family.  My favorite soccer team is Barcelona.  It is a really good soccer team with many good players.  I have two favorite soccer players, Vela who is from Mexico and Neymar who is from Brazil.

         My goal for this year is to get better in my reading, writing, and understand the language better, so I can communicate more with people and friends. This will help me to understand my classes for this year.

         I hope you have learned a litle bit about me.  If your see me at school or out of school, say, "Hello!".


                                           My Best Long Snowbreak Ever !!!!!


         My snowbreak was spectacular!  I did so many great things.  Sometimes I like to not have school, because I can do so many things in my house.   The only  things that I don't like are mopping the floor and cleaning my dad's car.  I had a lot of fun with family, because we had a lot of storis to tell each other.  When I have school breaks, I love to do things on my nook.  

         Monday night, I was really happy, because I was looking at some old pictures. After looking does old pictures I went into the school wedsite.  Then I went on the WCDE wedsite, and I saw a red box with white letters inside saying "school will be closed January 28, 2014" and I jumped off the chair I was sitting on!  After that I ran to tell my mom,dad , and my two brothers.  After I told my brothers they continued to party with me and we slept so late that night.  Tuesday, I helped my mom clean the house and I cleaned my room.  Then, I helped my mom to cook.  Next, I went to play with my tablet and I fell asleep all day until the next day.  Wednesday, I helped again to clean and cook.After helping I was reading with my brother, Jairo.  We read for ona hour.  After that, I was watching TV until the Mexico Versus North Korea started.  It was a soccer game.  I was watching the soccer game with all my family except my mom because she was working.  Next day, it was thursday and in the morning I went with my two brothers, Jairo and David , to play outside in the snow, but I was not playing.  I was making a path in the snow so my mom could walk safely inside the house.  Then next day, was friday.  I was hating friday, because I was feeling sick.  I told my self, "well,I was playing with the snow thursday, so maybe thats why I become so sick".  My mom gave me some medicine. And after a few hours later, I was feeling better.

         Next day, was Saturday.  It was the worst day ever in the history of my life!  The first thing that happen to me on saturday, was that my favorite soccer team lost!  Second worst thing, was that we went to the store, and I was holding my cellphone in my hand.  Then my cellphone started to play some music with all the volume up.  Everybody was startig at me, because my cellphone was to loud!  That, was my worst day ever!  Sunday, my last day of snow vacation, it was great!  My family and I went to my cousin house and we talked and talked and talked, because we tolked a lot.  When we finished talking we played some familiar games like loteria.  Loteria is almost like bingo, but in loteria you have to fill out all the cart.  After hours of fun, It was time to go back to our house.  One hour latter I was watching a movie called,"Voces Inosentes" and I cry almost in the intier movie, because it was so sad. Then I took a bath and went to sleep.

         That was almost all things I did in our snow braeak.

  • Meet Ling Dong

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          My name is Qiuling "Ling" Dong and I am eighteen years old.  I came from China.  I can speak Chinese, English, and a little bit of Japanese.  I am a 12th grade student at David Crockett High School, and I love this school!

         I have many favorite things that make me happy.  My favorite color is red.  Red means luck in China.  In the New Year, everyone and everything is covered in red.   Friends and music also make me happy, beacuse the music can make me feel relaxed.  My friends always do something fun with me.  We can chat together and learn many things from each other, we can play together, we can join the same clubs, like the Drama Club.

         I have an amazing family.  Why didn't I say a happy family?  Because I have had fights, I have been sad, and I have cried there, too.  But I still love them.  My family has five members, my mom, my dad, two younger brothers, and me.  We don't have any pets, but we have a family restaurant.  We spend lots of time in the restaurant.  The restaurant is fun, because we have a TV, an iPad, and checker board... lot of things I can play in there.  I also work in the restaurant, I can put the foods into the bags, and I can do the cash register.  I earn the tips if I do a good job.  Then I can use the tips to buy something I want to have, like the PSP, it stands for Play Station Portable.

         In this year, my goal is to use better English to speak with my friends.  I hope I can do it, and I am doing it now!



                                      The Most Perfect Snow Day of My Memory

           I had a most perfect snow day of my memory.  I forgot what date it was, but I still remember very clearly what I did.  I never saw the snow before I came to U.S.A.,  because I lived in southern China where it is always hot.  That day was the first day I played with snow.

         That day was a white day.  Do you know why I call it white day?  Because almost all the things were covered by snow, it was like a beautiful blanket.  The whole town became a silver world.  How I loved it!

         Then, I asked my mom," Can I play outside with Richard and Eric?"  Richard and Eric are my brothers.  After she said yes, we rushed to the room.  Why didn't we rush outside?  Haha, because we still remembered to wear coats, boots, scarfs and gloves.

         Outside was still snowing.  We planned to play the snowball fight.  But we had a big problem.  We couldn't make two teams that had equal number of members.  We solved this problem very quickly, we fought each other.  Snow is super cold for me, I thought I couldn't have a partner, but I could use a tool to help me.  I put snow into a big bowl, then threw it.  Meanwhile, my brothers found the weapons, too.  It was a fierce war!  It was a lot of fun for us. Poor things were our clothes, because they became wet.  We didn't care about them.  When we finished the war,  we also helped remove the snow out of the driveway.  Sunshines made the snow shine, like diamonds hiding in the snow.

         I loved the snow day, cold as it was, but nobody felt cold in this white world;  I loved snows day, because they are pure white, it brings us hope, fun and vigor;  I loved snow day, because.....  no reason; I loved snow day!

  • Meet Nicole Felicie 

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          My name is Ismari Nicole Felicie but I would like to be called Nicole. I'm fourteen years old, and I'm from Guaynabo Puerto Rico. I move to Tennessee with my mom because she is going to study the Bible with her cousin and his wife. When my mom told me that we were going to Tennessee I felt happy and sad because that's the first time I leave Puerto Rico, but I miss my friends and family.

         I like music very much. So much that I have 934 songs just in my phone. I like many different types of music. My favorite song is "Iris" by Goo Goo Dolls. I really like the lyrics. My best friend is my cousin, Chairys. She is so different from me. She is small, blond, white, and her eyes are like yellow and brown. I don't look like my cousin at all. I'm tall, I have dark brown hair, my skin is light chocolate, and I have dark brown eyes. She likes pink,I don't like that color. My favorite colors are blue and purple. I don't have a favorite food, but I like sushi and pasta.

         I have a half sister, Kamil, by my dad and she is eight years old.

         My goal is to graduate with all my credits and be a forensic scientist or a psychologist. I like to spend time with my friends because they are funny and make me laugh.