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    What is a Word Wall?

    A word wall is an organized collection of words displayed in a classroom that is used as an interactive tool for teaching reading and spelling to children. There are many different types of word walls including high frequency words, word families, names, alphabet and Tennessee Academic Vocabulary. 



    Word Wall Activities

    (Please see me for additional activities.)

    Mind Reader

    Each student numbers their paper from one to five. The teacher will give clues about one of the word wall words, and each time the children write their guess next to the number. For your first clue, always give the same clue: "It's one of the words on the word wall." The teacher gives successive clues. By the fifth clue, everyone should have "guessed" the mystery word! However, if they can "Read Your Mind" they might be able to guess the word before the final clue. Do the same for each of the five words.

    1. It’s on the word wall.

    2. It has ________ letters.

    3. It has the vowels _______.

    4. It begins with a _______.

    5. It rhymes with________.

    Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check

    The children take a paper with 4 columns (they can fold a page in half and then in half again). The teacher will give them 5 words from the word wall which the children will write in the first column The students will SAYeach word and notice the parts of the word as they hear it. Next they will LOOK at the word to notice what it looks like on the paper. After that they will COVER the word and think about how the word looks. After that they will WRITEthe word from memory. Next they will uncover the word and CHECK it with the word written in the first column. Finally they will COVER the word and WRITE it again. This brain-friendly activity is great for getting these words into long-term memory.

    Flashlight Word

    Start off the game by turning off the lights and pointing the flashlight at a particular word on the Word Wall. The teacher calls on a student to read the word. When the child has read the word, it is their turn to shine the flashlight on a word and call on another student to read. The children really enjoy this because they get a chance to "be the teacher."


    Materials: Blank "Wordo " cards with 9, 16, or 25 blocks. Copy of words being studied.
    Have students fill in their cards with the words that they are working on. Tell them that each card must be different and to try to mix up the words they are using. Playing the game is similar to BINGO. The teacher calls out the words and has the students spell it out loud and then mark their spaces. Spelling the words out loud will give those who are unsure of the word some extra help. The first child to cover an entire row calls out the word "WORDO"! The winner can call out the words the next time.