• Meetings and Agendas
    -Voted for 2016-2017 Officers
    -Friday Lousiana drive to help flood victims
    -Signed up for announcements
    -Officers helping with kindergarten the rest of the week


    • A+B Student- Above Average
    • Wear Ridgeview T-shirt
    • Best Behavior
    • We will have a Code of Ethics this year
    • This ensures SC members will behave properly
    • The Board of Ethics will be made of the FIVE officers and two teacher representatives (Mr. Gray and Mrs. Wilson)
    • The Board of Ethics will decide if you can continue to be in SC
    • SC will be EXPECTED to make up work


    Code of Ethics

      -Please remember that SC is not just about getting high grades but also being above reproach.
     -Members should be encouraging, role-models, somebody to look up to(etc..)