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    Kindergarten Work From Home:

    I sent home a packet of work and information, within this packet you will find the following activities:

    -Blend Work

    -CVC, CCVC

    -GoMath Activitiy Pages

    -Sentence Structure Practice

    Practice Activities that can be completed each day:

    -Practice sight words (located on newsletter and in BEE folder)

         -write sight words using sidewalk chalk, write with washable markers in the bathtub, make a sight word flash card game

    -Read each day at least 30 minutes

    -GetEpic.com..our class log-in is ltq4994

    -Write about your daily experiences, use full sentences.

    -Be the weatherman.....report the weather to your family. Use details and write about your weather observations.

    -Take a family nature walk and observe about the changes that happen in spring

    -Take learning into the kitchen, help read the instructions and measure ingredients.

    -Take turns with a family member and make up your own story and illustrate your story.

    -Write about the books you have read, summarize and state your opinion about the book.

    -When working on addition and subtraction, you can use crayons, pennies, beans, etc. to use as counters.



    Keep learning every day!!! Stretch your brain and do your best! I love you all and can't wait to see you soon!!!

    April 6 - 10:

    I am so glad that you all got your work, school supplies, and academic activity packets that I delivered to each of you!! It was amazing to get to see your smiling faces! 

    -Writing unit for this 9 weeks is opinion and persuasive writing. Discuss with your child what it means to have an opinion on a topic. 

    -Math unit this week is money. By the end of this unit, students sholud be able to recognize and identify money (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar bill).

    - An OVIPAROUS ANIMAL is an animal that hatches out of an egg. 



    -getepic.com, read/listen to the book "What Happens in Spring? Weather in Spring."  After reading the book, write at least 3 complete sentences about the changes that happen during spring. Be sure to go outside and notice some of these changes that are happening right outside your door.

    -Discuss the characteristics of a penny, what it loks like, how much it is worth, etc. You can draw, trace, or do a crayon rubbing with a penny.

    -Read 30 minutes a day. This does not have to be in one sitting. Find a new place to read, outside, on the porch, etc.

    -Write a list of -an words....stretch your brain and spell with some blends too. (can, fan, plan,)

    -Weather Journal


    -getepic.com, read a Spring book of your choice.  Do you like the winter or spring season more? Write at least 2 complete sentences on which one you prefer. Be sure to state your opinon and why you like that season. Draw and label a picture that supports your writing.

    -Discuss the characteristics of a nickel, what it looks like, how much it is worth, etc. You can draw, trace, or do a crayon rubbing with a nickel.

    -Read 30 minutes. Read to your favoorite stuffed animal.

    -Make a list of the -og word family. Don't foret to add some blends. (gog, fog, frog)

    Weather Journal


    -Read a book of your choice.  Write about why this is one of your favorite books. Make sure to share your opinion and try to get someone else to read it. 

    -Discuss the characteristics of a dime, what it looks like, how much it is worth, etc. You can draw, trace, or do a crayon rubbing with a dime.

    -Read 30 minutes throughout the day. Read to one of your pets if you have one.

    -Pick 10 sight words and form the letters with your playdoh.

    -Weather Journal


    -Read "What Hatches" book. It is in your packet. Locate the sight words throughout the book. You are the illustrator.

    -Discuss he characteristics pf a quarter, what it looks like, how much it is worth, etc. You can draw, trace, or do a crayon rubbing of the quarter.

    -Read 30 minutes total today. Point out some of your sight words to your family as you are reading.

    -Make a list of the -en word family. Stretch your brain.

    -Weather Journal


    Good Friday......go out and notice all of the "SPRING" that is happening right outside of your door! 

    April 13-17

    -We are going to be learning about insects. Insects have 6 legs. Insects have 3 main body parts: Head, Thorax, Abdomen


    -getepic.com. Read the book " Animal Classifications: Insects." Talk about what characteristics that insects have.

    -Pick 10 sight words, write 1 sentence for each sight word.

    -Weather Journal

    -Read for 20 minutes, read to a family member.

    -Make a grab bag of coins. Pull 1 coin at a time and tell what that coin is and how much it is worth.


    -getepic.com read "National Geographics Kids Caterpillar to Butterfly" by Laura Marsh. recognize and point out the sight words that you see.

    -Pretend that you are a butterfly. Where would you like to live? What would you look like? Write at least 3 complete sentences.

    -Weather Journal

    -Make a garage sale. Pick a few items and price them .01  .05  .10  .25    1.00. Have a family member come and "buy" your items. Make sure that they are giving you the right coin for the price of the item!

    -Read 20 minutes...find your favorite subject on getepic.com and stretch your brain. 


    -getepic.com read the book "Butterflies"

    -Draw and label the life cycle of a butterfly. (egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly)

    -Weather Journal

    -Try and find 100 pennies. Count each penny until you get to 100. 100 pennies =$1.00

    -Make a list of -ap words. Try to add 5 blends to the beginning of your -ap words. (slap, flap)


    -getepic.com read "Kate Find a Caterpillar" Compare and Contrast how butterflies and other animals that hatch from eggs are the same or different. 

    - Practice a new song....the words go along with the song "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes"

    "Head, Thorax, Abdomen..Abdomen.

    Head, Thorax, Abdomen..Abdomen.

    Compound Eyes, Antenna, and six legs

    Head, Thorax, Abdomen..Abdomen!"

    While singing point to the following parts of your body:

    Head:point to your head

    Thorax: rub  your stomach

    Abdomen:pat the sides of your thighs

    Compound Eyes: make circles over your eyes

    Antenna:make fake antenna on the top of your head

    Six Legs:pat your legs..............Enjoy Family Units!! :)

    -Weather Journal

    -Read 30 minutes today with a warm blanket and a reading buddy.

    -Weather Journal


    -gertepic.com read "Honey Bees" 

    -Go and explore in your backyard. What insects do you see? What are the insects doing? Write about what you see, hear, and explore. 

    -Weather Journal

    -Math Coin Songs:

    "Penny, penny easily spent, 

    copper brown and worth one cent"

    "Nickel, nickel thick and fat,

    you're worth five cents, I know that"

    "Dime, dime little and thin

    I remember, you're worth ten"

    "Quarter, quarter big and bold,

    you're worth twenty-five I am told"

    April 20-24



     We are going to continue learning about insects this week! Be sure to get out and explore in your yard looking for different insects and their characteristics.

    Don't forget to practice you "Head, Thorax, Abdomen" song all week!

    This week we are going to dive further into the world of subtraction. 

    Try using our math skills we have worked on this year in the real world around your home!



    -getepic.com, search "World of Insects" There are 11 different books on insects. Pick a book to listen to/read Write 3 complete sentences about information you learned about that insect. Draw a picture of the insect you chose. Make sure to draw details about where that insect lives.

    -Weather Journal

    -GoMath lessons 6.1 and 6.3. 

    -Complete a "Blends" page, that was in the packet I delivered. Stretch your brains and try to sound out and write some of the blends.

    -Read 30 minutes to a family member or pet.


    -getepic.com, search "World of Insects." Pick a different book to listen to/read. Talk about that insect with a family member. Write 3 complete sentences about your insect. Draw a picture of that insect. Label the 3 main parts of the insect...head, thorax, abdomen.

    -Weather Journal

    -GoMath lesson 6.4

    -Make a list of -ig words. Write 3 sentneces using different -ig words that you wrote.

    -Read 20 minutes in a new spot.


    -getepic.com, search "World of Insects." Pick a different book to listen to/read. Write 3-5 sentences about your insect. Draw and label your insect. Where would this insect live? Does this insect fly?

    -Weather Journal

    -GoMath lesson 6.5. Let your child use items around the house to "show" their subtraction problems.

    -Complete a "Blends" page. Choose 5 new blend words and write a sentence using those words.

    -Read 30 minutes outside.


    -getepic.com, search "World of Insects." Pick a different book to listen to/read. Write 3 sentences about your insect. Draw and label your insect. 

    -Weather Journal

    -GoMath lesson 6.6. How can you use subtraction in real life? Have your child make some subtraction problems around the house. "If I have 10 cookies and my sister eats 3...how many cookies do I have left?"

    -Choose 15 sight words to write using sidewalk chalk ot make with playdoh.

    -Read 20 minutes. You can try reading under a blanket with a flashlight or behind the couch.


    -getepic.com, search "World of Insects." Pick a different book to listen to/read. Stretch your brain....try to write 5 complete sentences about your insect. Draw and label your insect. You can put all of your writings together that you have completed this week and make your very own "Insect" Book. 

    -Make a Title Page for your insect book. Make sure to inclucde the author's name (that is you) , and an illustration!

    -Weather Journal

    -GoMath lesson 6.7

    -Explore your yard and tell a family member about all of the insects you find while exploring. 

    -Read 20 minutes to your favorite stuffed animal.

    April 27 - May 1



    This week we are going to start our unit on plants and seeds. Be sure to get out in your yard and explore the different plants that are all around you! 

    I will be coming by this week with more work packets, supplies, and hands on learning activities.

    Kindergarten Graduation pictures are in! I will be delivering those to you this week as well.

    For math, we are going to begin our unit on measuring. 


    -getepic.com "What are Seeds?" Think about different seeds you may eat. What would those seeds grow into if they were planted? Wrtie 3-5 sentences.

    -Weather Journal

    -GoMath lesson 11.1

    -Read 30 total minutes in a new spot areound the house.


    -getepic.com "Planting Seeds." If you were a flower, what type of flower would you like to be? Would you want to grow in the garden or in a house? Write 3-5 complete sentences.

    -Weather Journal

    -GoMath lesson 11.2

    -Make a list of -ip words. Stretch your brain and write 5 blend -ip words (flip, clip)

    -Read a total of 30 minutes today. Take your book outside if it is pretty.


    -getepic.com "Exploring Seeds" Look for seeds in your yard. Write 3-5 sentences about what you find. What will help the seeds grow?

    -Weather Journal

    -GoMath lesson 11.3

    -Read a total of 30 minutes today.


    -getepic.com "Exploring Flowers" What is your favorite type of flower? What color is it? Where could your flower grow? Write 3-5 complete sentnces.

    -Weather Journal

    -GoMath lesson 11.4

    -Read to your favorite stuffed animal. Read a total of 20 minutes.



    Since we weren't able to go to Bright's Zoo....we are going on a virtual field trip. Choose a virtual field trip to a zoo on YouTube (There are many to choose from).

    -Which animal was your favorite one to see? Where do they live? What do they eat? Write 3-5 complete sentences.

    -Weather Journal

    -GoMath lesson 11.5

       May 4 - May 8

    We are going to continue our unit on seeds this week. 

    It was amazing to see your smiling faces this past week!! Keep working hard and stretching your brain!!!

    This week for reading you are going to have "free choice" of the books that you want to listen to.

    Once your grass begins to grow on your grassman....you can take him outside and give him a "haircut!"



    -Storyline Online, find a book that you want to learn about.  Write 3-5 sentences about what happened in the beginning of the book, the middle of the book, and at the and of the book.

    -Weather Journal

    -Math: Complete the "Beautiful Blooms"page that was in your learning activity packet that I delivered this past week.

    -Read a total of 30 minutes today. Read to your pet or a stuffed animal.

    -Don't forget to water your grassman and make sure he has plenty of sunshine.


    -Storyline Online, after listening to your book write and tell me about your favorite part of the book. Why is it your favorite? Write 3-5 complete sentences.

    -Weather Journal

    -Complete the "Parts of a Plant" page that was in your packet. 

    -Math: "Addition Sprouts" page.

    -Read a toatl of 30 minutes today. 


    -Read the "Seeds" book that was in your packet. Go through and underline all of the sight word "they", after reading illustrate your book.

    -Weather Journal

    -Work on your rhymong words...complete the "Growing Rhymes" page. On the back write and spell the word pictures from the front of the page.

    -Math: Complete the "Measuring With Seeds" page. You can use the sunflower seeds that were in your packet to measure with.

    -Read a total of 30 minutes today. See if you can call a family member or facetime and read a book to them. 


    -Storyline online. Find a special book to listen to. How would change the ending? Would you keep the characters the same? Write 3-5 complete sentences. Make sure you are using good spaces between your words.

    -Weather Journal

    -Math: Complete the "Fantastic Flowers" page. 

    Science: Put on a pair of white socks and walk around your yard. Look on the bottom of your socks when you are finished, you may seem some seeds. Seeds are transferred by the wind and our feet!

    -Read a total of 30 minutes outside if the weather is nice.

    -Check on your grassman. You should be able to see the roots growing at the bottom of the cup and start seing grass sprouts coming up! 


    -Storyline Online. Pick 2 books to listen to. Write 3-5 complete sentences on how the stories are different.

    -Weather Journal

    -Complete the "Blooming Beginnings" page.

    -Complete the Mother's Day card for your mom. Color the page, cut out and paste on the construction paper. Make sure to write your name at the bottom of the card.

    -Read a total of 30 minutes. You can even read to your grassman. They say talking to plants helps them grow.

    May 11 - May 15


    -Storyline Online, choose a fun book that you would like to read. Write 3-5 complete sentences. What happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the book.

    -Weather Journal

    -GoMath lesson 8.1 and 8.2

    -Read at least 20 minutes. Read to a family member.


    -Storyline Online, choose a book. What was your favorite part of the book? What is the setting of the book? Where did it take place? Write 3-5 complete sentences.

    -Weather Journal

    -GoMath lesson 8.3

    -Read 20 minutes to your favorite stuffed animal.


    -getEPIC, find a fun book about clouds. 

    -Weather Journal

    -Pick 10 sight words. Write a sntence using each of your sight words.

    -GoMath lesson 8.4

    -Go outside, lay down and look up at the sky. Do you see anything that you read about in your getEPIC book?

    -Go outside and read 20 minutes. 


    -getEPIC, choose a fun book to read about summertime. What do you have planned for the summer? Where do you want to go? Write 3-5 complete sentences. Make sure to use descriptive words. Did you start with a capital letter, leave good spaces between words, and end with a puncuation mark?

    -Weather Journal

    -GoMath lesson 8.5

    -Read 20 minutes in a special place outisde...get your vitamin D from the sunshine.


    -Storyline Online, choose a fun book to listen to. Tell a family member about your book. Why did you like this book? If you could change the ending of the book, what would happen?

    -Make a list of -op words. Stretch your brain and make words beinning with blends (Flop, crop, etc)

    -Weather Journal

    -GoMath lesson 8.6

    -Read 20 minutes to a pet or favorite stuffed animal









     Websites To Use From Home:

    Teach Your Monster to Read

    Get EPIC



    PBS Kids

    Storyline Online

    Fun Brain

    ScholasticSmithsonian For Kids

    Khan Academy






Information Station



    Please work on shoe tying! We are always looking for new Shoe Captains!!!

    Please make sure that all money is in a LABELED ziploc bag  with your child's first and last name AND what the money is for!

    Higginbotham Heroes Rock!!!!!!