1st Grade Reading Log

                                                                                                        Reading Stick Kid


    For each student to adopt a nightly reading schedule, to assume responsibility for their own reading, and to increase their reading skill.


    Student and Family Responsibilities:

    The student will read Monday through Thursday night for 20 minutes or more, and the student will choose a night on the weekend to read for 20 minutes or more. The student will respond to the reading on the reading log. One family member will sign the reading log nightly. The student will bring home leveled reading books of their choice each night. Families are encouraged to help students find appropriate and enjoyable reading material. Students are also free to choose what they would like to read. Magazine articles, online articles/stories, chapter books, graphic novels, etc. are all acceptable.

    Reading Material:

    Reading logs will be checked daily and turned in each Monday.

    Each day counts toward a single weekly grade.

    If there is a reason the student cannot complete the log, a family member must write a note in the box for that day or points will be deducted.

    Chatter Box Choices:

    You must choose a different one to do for each day on your log.

    Write the number of your choice in your "Chatter Box."

    1. Summarize: Give a brief retelling of what you read today.

    2. Character Analysis: Discuss the characters and setting by describing who the characters are and where the story is taking place.

    3. Vocabulary Pick: Write a new word you found while reading, along with the definition in your own words.  Then illustrate the definition. 

    4. Just The Facts: List two new facts that you learned from today's reading.

    5. Still Curious: List one or two questions that you still have about what you read. Then tell where you think you could find the answers to your questions?

    6. Read This: Do you think other people should read this? Why or why not.