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    Ms. Tolley's Classroom

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    Welcome to 5th Grade 
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    Ms. Tolley's "PURRFECTLY" Cool Class.


Important Notes & Reminders:

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    all the students

    that are working so hard

    to complete assignments!  



    Please make sure that you turn in any

    work online, via email, or

    the learning packets

    at the school

    by Thursday 5/14

    It is the end of the 4th 9 weeks

    and we will not be taking

    any assignments after that

    so that we can finalize grades.


    Monday-Thursday Assignments 5/11-14:

    Flocabulary Activities on Figurative Language or you take time to just enjoy reading.  Read 20 minutes for fun!  


    (Create a username and password. If you are using for the first time.)  Use the class code found on the distance learning tab.

    Please write in complete sentences in the vocabulary activities.

    Friday's NO Assignments  


    Attention Parents, April 27, 2020

    Jonesborough Middle School will implement the following procedures regarding grading for the end of the school year: 

    Your child’s teacher will enter the earned 3rd nine weeks grade as the 4th nine weeks grade. THIS GRADE CAN BE RAISED, BUT CANNOT BE LOWER. Your child can raise this grade by completing work online that is assigned by the teachers, or completing the work packets that have been made available by the county. Those can be picked up on Mondays and Wednesdays in the food line outside the school, or on the book bus at Central Office. All work turned in will be graded and assessed by the teacher. Please email the teachers with any questions about an assignment. Any COMPLETED packets can be turned in at the school in the designated crate. 

    Thank You,  Stephanie Tolley 


    **Sign up on BAND to receive messages regarding JMS events

    and notices directly to your phone from Mr. McKee. 

    JMS School Wide BAND account,



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Contact Ms. Tolley

  • Contact Ms. Tolley by email at tolleys@wcde.org

    or during planning (10:20-11:00) at 423.753.1190.

  • Learn more about the EPIC Program

Classroom Information and Notes


    **Reading Logs: Students are required to read 25 books. Each student has a reading log and is required to document their reading times.  Please make sure you check your child's log and sign it. Thank you!

    **Dear Family Members, Your student is given time to work on assignments in class. If students do use the time wisely, then they do not have a great deal of work to take home. Encourage your child to stay on task and complete assignments at school.

    **Please make sure your child knows what they need to do in case of an early dismissal due to inclement weather. Inform the school office or myself of any changes that need to be made to the early dismissal form that was filled out at the beginning of the year! Our school office # is 753-1190

    **Usage of Cell Phones** The use of a cell phone is not permitted during the school day. All cell phones should be turned off upon entering the school.